Yellowstone National Park with Instax


Yellowstone is about grand landscapes and notable landmarks. But don’t forget the minutiae while you are out on the road. Your Instax can make some surprising captures.

Credits: emperornorton

Yes, there is Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Take the obligatory shots if you must. It is your tourist duty after all. But be sure to peer more closely at the natural features and the lovely patterns that they create.

Yellowstone is changing every moment. You can come back to Mammoth Hot Springs in a year and see different colors and shapes from what you saw this year. The geyser that was dormant the last time you came through might erupt repeatedly during your visit. And then there is the slow, but beautiful progress of the seasons.

Credits: emperornorton

The park is not just about hot springs and geysers, though these are by far its most famous feature. Seek out the Hayden Valley where you might see wolves or buffalo, though the meandering course of the Yellowstone River is attractive enough. Investigate the treetops. Pull out for one of the many roadside waterfalls. The park has many of these!

Credits: emperornorton

Your Instax allows you to create art on the spot – to share with others or to stick in your back pocket where you can enjoy it later. Yellowstone’s thermal pools offer plenty of opportunities for unappreciated color. Don’t worry if your Instax distorts the color: it’s not about perfectly reproducing nature (you’d use a digital if you wanted that), but about creating an interesting image.

Just look at the edges of things and the places between the landmarks. That is the Yellowstone most people ignore.

Credits: emperornorton

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