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Not only Lomographers are do a lot of shooting, they love to tell stories as well!

As a talented bunch of analogue visualists, these Lomo boys and girls would also like to extend their means of expressing themselves beyond photos and that is through their own Lomoblogs where they can just write and tell their various stories – from the very personal to the fictional!

Paper Artist - Linus & the Feel Good Factory by mephisto19
My Photo of the Day - taken by life_on_mars by mephisto19
QUESTION : What constitute “digitally enhanced”== photos????":/homes/awesomesther/blog/8196-question-what-constitute-digitally-enhanced-photos by "awesomesther==":/homes/awesomesther
the coolest SLR: Canon AE-1 by juditto
“My HELP Project for the “Make Your Prophecy”== Rumble!":/homes/tb/blog/8305-my-help-project-for-the-make-your-prophecy-rumble by "tb==":/homes/tb
My MerdekaRaya by analogmonolog
¿ERES TÚ? by blancarleal
My Raya Getaway by lihooi
PROJECT PARADISE - the wait is over. by peteparker
WTF ...das Labor meines Rossmanns will mich ausbeuten ! by brommi
Camera Shelf by ck_berlin, Pfffff... by barakalofi
First Batch of China Photos by mylatehope
My Merdeka Raya Holiday by guitarleo
PROJECT PARADISE: the diary is going to fly to PARIS! by peteparker
Lisi zieht nach Wien by lisi

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