Art Gallery Drive Inn

From pet cemetery to graffiti: the Art Gallery Drive Inn is a great small lomolocation in a small village called Lochau in the north of Vorarlberg!

I was just on my way to a nearby lake when passing by, scads of fluffy pets which were lying on the ground caught my eye. I took a picture and wanted to go on as I suddenly realized that there were small fluffy pets crowding all over the the grounds.

Credits: vanboo94

Immediately, I forgot about the lake and I started to play out my lomo addiction at the grounds, which was as big as a gas station. Although it is pretty small, I spent almost about half an hour there.

Credits: vanboo94

In the meantime, I found out the grounds belong to a society called "Offene Galerie Ardizón“ and the recent exhibition “Unsicher” (= unsure) was created by ten adolescents in association with two artists.

Credits: vanboo94

If ever you find yourself ’round this way, you should definitely allot some minutes of your time to look at this funny work of art!

Some more photos can be found in my album!

written by vanboo94 on 2011-11-18 #places #art #gallery #art-gallery #toys #location #exhibition #open-air #select-type-of-location #art-and-culture #artgallery-drive-inn #fluffy-toy
translated by pfingstroeschen

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