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Come and check out the newly introduced LC-A awards! Which accessory was the most popular last year? Which fancy lens took home the lifetime achievement award? And which new LC-A amigo is going on tour? Read on to find out more!

By now you’ll be well acquainted with who wore what at the Oscars and who gushed at the Grammys, but the climax of the award season this year is undoubtedly the first ever LC-A Awards! How many celebrities can boast 25 years of industry success? After clocking up a lifetime of achievement and a following of millions, the LC-A is stepping aside to allow its loyal accomplices to bask in the limelight: flashes, lenses, accessories and books take to the stage!

We’ll be taking a quick look back at our hero’s 25 years whilst giving you the low down on our many anniversary celebrations! There are loads of ways to win with our fabulous LC-A anniversary competitions! We’ll then introduce you to Ryan Russell, a rock photographer and our newest LC-A amigo, who will be sharing the excitement of life on tour through the Minitar lens over the coming months. After all the glitz and excess we recommend an intense session of Lomography Retail Therapy, but remember, the offers are only available until Thursday 26th February!

Introducing the LC-A Awards

The fans have gathered in the arena. Tension is running high. Then, finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for; the LC-A+ struts out on stage with a big shiny envelope in hand.

“Lomographers! Thank you for making it here tonight! It has been a great year for me, I’ve been embraced by so many new friends and wherever I go they tell me how talented I am! Shucks! But I can’t take all the credit here. My “family” has expanded over the years and until now I have not had the chance to thank them fully. Today I want to acknowledge my helpers and give them a chance to take some of the spotlight.”

The LC-A Accessory of the Year

“Colorsplash flash, you are indeed the people’s favorite! As voted by Lomographers in a dedicated rumble, you and I make the perfect couple! I provide the lens, you the flash of color. Together, we capture a moment of magic in the dark! You are the one for me, my Colorsplash flash!” (as voted by the community )

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The Newcomer Award

“And the winner is… THE KRAB! Thanks to my very own underwater housing I can now boast that I will hold my breath as long as you need me to and up to a depth of 20 meters! Thanks to the sturdy protective case of the Krab, based on the Soviet prototype, I have been able to save significantly on my hospital bills from injuries sustained by daredevil stunts. The Krab truly is a submarine, a bodyguard and a friend to me!”

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Album of the Year

“In 2008 I visited the pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and the tropical islands in the South Sea. In fact, I must have been around the world 365 times last year! I now present you with the album of the year, my best work of 2008, as nominated by Lomographers around the world”

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The Most Original Book Award

“A tribute for moi? Well thank you very much! At nearly 4 kilos and with over 3000 Lomographs, the LC-A Big Book is truly the complete guide to the world through my lens that every fan out there should have. You can also find pictures of my clones in here and a guide on how you can take care of me in case I get sick.”

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The "I Make This Look Easy Award

“This award is given out to the accessory that could not be any easier to use but at the same time manages to produce stunning effects! As soon as the sun goes down the Ringflash provides me with a circle of light, white, blue, red or yellow. Omitted in a perfect circle, all shades flee my burst of light. And my companion could not be easier to use – simply connect the hotshoe with the adaptor and fire away!

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The Lifetime Award

“My fans keep telling me that the Wide Angle Lens is one of their favorite accessories, and to tell you the truth, I must agree! With this lens I can capture a wider angle than ever before on the same amount of film. And I look dangerous with this lens, the chicks sure love me!”

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The LC-A Lomographer of the Year – A Rumble With Mega Stakes

We almost forgot the most important winner tonight! You! You? Or you? One last trophy is yet to be awarded tonight. Are you the best LC-A Lomographer of the year? Waste no time then and head on over our rumble and prove your worth! A LC-A accessory of your choosing is the grand reward for winning such a prestigious title!

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2009 – The Year of the LC-A!

Born in the suburbs of St. Petersburg 25 years ago, the LC-A camera quickly became a local star documenting the lives of thousands of Russians with the occasional tour to foreign lands. On one such tour to the Czech Republic, the camera was discovered by its future managers, then a group of Austrian students. As the promise of worldwide fame and fortune beckoned, the LC-A knew this was the lucky break it had been longing for. World tours and life on the road can take its toll on a camera, but after the odd nip, tuck and readjustment, the LC-A reinvented itself and re-emerged better than ever as the new and improved LC-A+. It’s taken 25 years to get to this point but it can now be said officially and unequivocally that the LC-A+ is a worldwide superstar! And a superstar deserves a party like no other! A party like no other we say, because this time we are not hosting only one evening of festivities, but rather dedicating a whole year to celebrations!

Visit our anniversary site to find out more about all the exciting parties and projects you can get involved in! (linkies to 25 year site/events and blog entry announcing 25 year festivities)

Check out our 25th Anniversary LC-A Competitions

Enter the LC-A Postcard Project

One LC-A Picture a Day competition

The LC-A+ Goes On Tour With Ryan Russell

The LC-A+ is the best pocket travel companion of all time, and to celebrate this camera’s road warrior quality, we’ve stuck it in the hands of touring photographer (and long time Lomographer!), Ryan Russell, of Birmingham, Alabama. Well known for his amazing images, Ryan has shot the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan and Sara, Bam Margera, Paramore and countless others. All this year, Ryan will be updating us with new pictures from onstage, off stage and everywhere in between. The LC-A+ will be giving you a VIP all-access pass to all the action. Pack your bag, grab some film and join the tour!

In Need of a Little After Party Retail Therapy?

Don’t succumb to the post party blues – our amazing February Retail Therapy free gifts will perk you up! All orders placed until this Thursday will automatically receive 1 free roll of Klick film. But, it doesn’t stop there! The more you spend the more free gifts you get! Check out the order value boundaries below to find out how you can get Fuji Sensia and Klick film, 2 Sushi Tea Cups AND a Lomography Notebook for free!*

*Available until Thursday, 26th February or while stocks last.

Orders valuing 75 EUR / USD – 99.99 EUR/USD = 3 rolls pack Fuji Sensia 200 exp +
3 rolls of Klick Max 200/24
TOTAL: 6 rolls

Orders valuing 100 EUR / USD – 149.99 EUR/ USD = 3 rolls pack Fuji Sensia 200 exp +
3 rolls of Klick Max 200/24+ 2 Lomography Sushi Tea Cups
TOTAL: 6 rolls + 2 Sushi Cups

150 EUR/USD and above = 3 rolls pack Fuji Sensia 200 exp + 3 rolls of Klick Max 200/24 +
2 Lomography Sushi Tea Cups + Lomo Notebook

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    for the "favorite LCA accessory", do we know the winner of the rumble? It was said there will be one and are the best submitted/selected shots shown in a Gallery?

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