The unexpected analogue beauty

Probably nobody expected that luxury and plastic would mix so well together!!!

Just whisper the words Milan Fashion Week in town and that’s just enough to unleash a storm of models redcarpets and spotlights.
But guess who we caught in the subway getting her ticket with a Diana F+ on her shoulder?

She appears as a common elegant girl, she is a blogger. She glamoursly updates her blog on Carolinedaily blog .
Dressed in sequins she was taking pictures all around the city during the Milan Fashion Week with her Diana F+ and her fisheye camera.
Luxury choose analogue as its mate for shooting the gala so we just had to wait these for these luxurious shots.
You bet it’s going to be crazy
Stay tuned for more

written by alessiab on 2011-09-27 #news #lomography-diana-fashion-week-camera

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