DJ Miss Yellow and the La Sardina in Europe


DJ MISS YELLOW is back! Our good friend who was busy with music around the world is once again our amigo. Which Lomography camera did she bring? What kind of people did she meet? Details below!


1. Thank you for, once again, being our LomoAmigo, how does it feel using the 22mm wide-angle lens La Sardina?

Thank you so much to Lomography, I was already very happy when the camera ended up in my hands, because the La Sardina came with me to a place which has almost the same name as it, Sardinia!

In this one-month long vacation, the La Sardina and I went to many places in Europe. Everytime I use it, its appearance attracts everyone’s attention (yes everyone)! It was a conversation starter with many strangers.  

I think the La Sardina is easy to use, the flash is also strong but the battery is hard to get and the price is not cheap, In Paris, there was a period of time the batteries were out and that led to me to constantly be aware of the flash being turned on or not. I was on on my toes about this but overall, it still satisfies me. 

2. Can you share with us your recent tour in Europe? What were the strangest, most interesting and unforgettable stuff?

  • Strangest – In Italy, Sardinia, Bosa,there were only buses and no cabs. 99% of the people didn’t know to speak in English. I finally learned that the last bus was at 7:30pm, but the drivers there are so full of personality, they can cancel their shifts anytime. In the end, I hitchhiked for the first time in my life! Luckily, the car ride went smoothly and was so exciting! Getting home after communicating with a non-english speaking driver was an indescribable feeling. 
  • Most interesting –  I think it’s the non-stop partying! I took my luggage and performed in my own party until the morning, and took the flight from Hongkong. Because I really wanted to see the DJ that night that I went to a party as soon as I alighted from my flight. I went to over 20 parties in my whole trip, and I’m still high after those parties. 
  • Most unforgettable – Sardinia’s nights are clear and starry, so I asked my local friends to bring me stargazing. It’s a pity the camera couldn’t capture the stars, I can only remember them in my mind. 

I just said that I’ve never seen a shooting star, if I saw one that night it’d be marvellous because I was going back to Hongkong the following day. He said it was easy and in the end, I saw three shooting stars and made three wishes! (smile)

3. Which photo do you like most and why?

In France, I was very lucky and conveniently saw the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @Cinémathèque,seeing all the preserved props and settings, I nearly cried. It was a pity no photography was allowed, many people would secretly take motion-blurred photos, except for the photo below ehich yielded excellent results  — It’s actually a movie’s setting Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb I single-handedly exposed the photo for 10 seconds and furtively took the photo, and it ending up the clearest photo gave me a sense of satisfaction!

*4. If you could design a La Sardina showing your individuality, what theme will you base it on? *

Of course I will thematise it on music. I  design it to be a gramophone, with the bulb being the gramophone’s trumpet-like speaker. The colour will be yellow-like my name. 

5. As an experienced Lomographer,which camera/accessory do you like most? why?

My temporary favorite is the LC-A+, because it has auto-exposure and can adapt to different situations easily. It’s also lightweight and easy to store, and is able to have an additional flash or turn into an instant camera! I’m not advertising for you, I really think this way!

6. Besides the current 10 Golden Rules ,what do you think should be the 11th?

I would think “don’t be afraid.” 

Many times we meet special people or occasions and are in unknown surroundings, facing strangers or having many friends with us. We may be scared, scared that people will mind, scared that we may be disturbing, scared that friends are waiting…preventing us from pushing down the shutter button instantly.

However, if there’s minimal disruption to others, “don’t be afraid, just shoot”, the photo will definitely yield surprising results. Like this photo, I was intrigued by the preacher and took a photo, and yet was reprimanded by the woman behind, but I was just being appreciative!

7. Since picking up analogue photography, how has it changed your life?

It should be the appreciating of life. Because of analogue photography, I’ll constantly wish for new perceptions on things, and will consider others’ works and thinking, as such, your own thinking will vary widely. I’m also a forgetful person, photos can help me remember and record the memories. 

8. What do you wish most for future products by Lomography?

I wish most for Lomography to produce timer buttons, as asking strangers on the street to operate your camera is very risky! They could take more photos from angles you dislike, albeit out of goodwill to take more photos, thus wasting film. Therefore, it’s still the best to self-take, even when shots are unsatisfactory, you can only blame yourself. 

9. It’s said that the apocalypse is nearing, befpre te apocalypse, how’d you enjoy analogue life without restrictions on timespace? 

I’ll return to my grandparents’s era, bring the young them around the world, enjoy good food and take photos of all the happy moments. 

10. Can you introduce your recent favourite songs to everyone?

I recently fell in love again with Scuba ’s Triangulation Interpreatations after this trip, especially after absorbing much good music in Berlin and developing new views on this album. 

Also, the EP Lunice- One Hunned EP is also excellent, I’d like more people to know about it.

La Sardina

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