Lomography Oktomat


Oktomat camera has the longest sequence with its 8 lenses, and it can capture a moment as a little movie.

It’s pretty nice camera with its red compact body, light weight, a pop up viewfinder, and a really easy operation system.

You could register a moment, a movement, or create your own mini-movie, if you prefer, in only two seconds.

You can find an important difference between this camera and the others like the SuperSampler or ActionSampler : their lenses are more tele than the other cameras. This is pretty nice to capture something like sporting activities where you can’t stay really close to the action.

It is the camera with the longest serial succession in the selection of Lomography cameras, and it’s one of the hippest too. I think those are good reasons to try it.

Another particular thing of interest is painting a red stripe on your photos using a filter, allowing you to randomly give a unique and special touch to each photo.

If there isn’t anything moving in your frame, you can try moving with a multi-lens camera yourself:

The most important thing is that you can shoot and shoot again, and try different ways to get a nice sequence. It depends on you and what you would like to try but you can always get an unexpected and surprising result with your Lomography Oktomat: camera.

I really recommend it.

The Oktomat serves up your subject in cleanly sliced 8 little frames. Envision yourself as a movie director with only 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Get your own Oktomat now!

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