Mid Autumn Festival that Changes with Time

I can still recall, when I was still a child, Mid-Autumn Festival is the same as Lunar New Year. It is a festival that you can what you do! (Unfortunately, Christmas from the Western world doesn’t have this privilege!)

When I was small, all I want was a big white rabbit lantern, yet, I never got one. I only had those, rather simple paper lantern, or small spherical with the drawing of a sun. Those which uses batteries was never my choice.

When I had grown up, I didn’t celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival anymore. These recent years, I didn’t care too much about the arrival of it.

This year, if I wasn’t in a really bad mood, and I had to go out for a walk, I wouldn’t have gone to Shatin Central Park with my friends.

After the walk, I had two conclusions. First, the tradition of playing with paper lanterns has disappeared. People are not holding paper lanterns anymore, but lanterns made of plastic, which uses batteries and glowing sticks. Some of them even had some hi-tech electric toys, and were forced to go to the park to appreciate the moonlight.

Secondly, if you went out with your friend who doesn’t particularly take photos, that’s very unwise. You want to take photos, yet he wants to talk. Then, you will have to hide your camera, and walk with him, thinking that after parting you would go back for some photos.

There weren’t too much surprise taking photos in Central Park. Those lighting installations were beautiful, yet, those don’t match up with my memory about the past. Moreover, not a lot of kids were playing with traditional lanterns. Memories of the past seem to have vanish with time.

I took some photos, and left after a short while.

Is it that I walk too slow, or is time passing too quickly? My memories about the past have been replaced by modern things. Perhaps, the best things are those which is in your heart, which you think is the most lovely.

What is your Mid-Autumn Festival like?

written by bigbird on 2011-10-12 #lifestyle #lomography #mid-autumn-festival #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-800-night-shatin-lc-a-canon-30v-fujicolor-natura-1600
translated by phoenix1206

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