Sprocket Rocket Workshop: Gaudí in panorama

What Could be better than shooting with a panoramic camera in a park with views of the city and the sea? The answer is: shooting in the Parc Güell, one of the most emblematic places with modern architecture in Barcelona, designed by a genius Antoni Gaudí…sounds good, doesn’t it?

Credits: lluiso12

Be ready to capture every little detail of your widest look from the Parc Güell’s sightseeing point, it’s terraces and galleries. Dare to stick in a single frame Gaudi’s exotic columns from the bottom to the top.

Credits: nina_ska, sosalllie, cbadajos, eddie_2k9 & susitania

If you haven’t tried the fabulous Sprocket Rocket yet, this is a good chance to do it… and if you already have, you’ve just found the perfect excuse to go for a walk with other lomographers as enthusiastic as you are.

At the end of our walk we can take a moment to photograph the sunset with the reflected silhouettes of the so-caracteristic Gaudi’s architecture.

  • Meeting Point
    Metro Vallcarca L3 – Exit Av. Vallcarca with Argentera
  • When?
    Saturday, Octobre 22th.
    From 16:30 to 19:30.
  • Price
    15 € per participant.
  • The Workshops includes:
  • Sprocket Rocket Camera for lending.
  • Two 35mm film rolls.
  • 10% discount in our lab service.
  • Apéretif during the worksohop.

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