When Fashion Wears Lomography


Milan, during Fashion week, is crowded by stylists, models, curious viewers, perfume scents and red carpets. The whole city is dressed up in different colorful fabrics as if it should parade under the big spotlights.

Imagine being trapped in a chaotic vortex… That’s the atmosphere we breathe here!!!
Catwalks, parties, VIP’s, Journalists and, last but not least, the photographers.

Milan looks more brilliant then ever considering all the lights and flashes shooting the models, fashion icons and socialites and guess what Swide.com found on a luxurious backstage? Seven deluxe top bloggers ready to shoot with their own Lomography cameras!

Susie http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/ with her Clorsplash Chrome Edition
Kristin Knox http://www.theclotheswhisperer.co.uk/ with her Diana Mini and Denni Elias www.chicmuse.com
Caroline Back de Surany http://www.carolinedaily.com with her Fisheye #2 and Diana F+ with Instant Back
Gala Gonzales http://www.amlul.com with her Fisheye #2
Gala Gonzales http://www.amlul.com and Caroline Back de Surany http://www.carolinedaily.com with their Fisheye #2
Pelayo Diaz http://www.katelovesme.net with his Diana Mini Petite Noire
Denni Elias www.chicmuse.com with the amazing Actionsampler Flash

If you are wondering what they shot, you’ll just have to wait a little bit.

Stay tuned and soon you’ll discover what the lomo they were doing there!

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  1. micheal
    micheal ·

    Lomography and fashion go hand in hand.

  2. notalux
    notalux ·

    yeah, but still they're taken by anonymously digital camera. I'm afraid that they just mimicking the lomography for the cool looks. I hope to see the photos they're taken with.
    *sorry for being skeptical

  3. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    Lomos complete suits. Fisheyes complement Skate-brand clothes. Dianas go well with swim trunks.

  4. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    i love both fashion and lomography :)

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