Taymount Grange: The Servant Problem, Solved!

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful Art Deco hotel! Yes i know, decadent, non? It is called Taymount Grange, and was built in 1935 to designs by George Bertram Carter – i’ve lived here for four years now, and absolutely love it.

The building maintains most of it’s original features. In front it has a circular driveway and grand entrance doors – two sets of heavy brass and wood doors with ornate 1930s scroll shapes. The building is on top of one of the highest hills in Forest Hill, so we can see three counties from our corner bedroom, and it’s two sets of traditional turquoise framed windows. I don’t actually have any photos of the front of the building, oops! It’s currently covered in scaffolding as the windows are being fixed up, but one day soon i’ll take a photo for you!

In this black and white shot from 1935 you can see the hotel under construction – you can actually see right through the gap where my bedroom will be! It was overlooking the tennis courts, sadly they are no longer there, but we have a big garden for hula hooping instead, which is definitely better.

At the moment there’s scaffolding around the building as they are touching up the ancient window frames, but when that’s all done i’ll get some nice photos of the exterior, as well as the lift – it’s one of those ones where you have to pull open the doors, and then pull the cage across. Very vintage darling!

This is the original advert for our flat – I can safely say the rent’s a bit steeper nowadays, and we don’t even have uniformed porters, a restaurant, a swimming pool or room for the servants. It’s a tough life!

So there you have it, a little bit of history for you. Have you ever lived somewhere with more stories than you?

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written by littlemisslove on 2011-09-26 #places #location #art-deco #london #forest-hill #taymount

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