Around Edinburgh with My Fuji Instax Mini


Edinburgh is one of my all-time favourite places and even though it’s been a little while since we were there, I still miss its wonderful atmosphere. It was one of the first places that I took my Instax Mini and I’m still so happy with how the photos turned out.

Greyfriar’s Bobby – my favourite statue in the city.

Edinburgh was an unexpected gem. Even though people had told me about how amazing a city it was, I didn’t expect to get blown away by it, yet I was completely.

Around the city

The city was amazing, it’s divided into two areas – the Old Town with the castle and parliament buildings and the new town with the shopping areas and restaurants which were both amazing to explore.

Around the Botanical Gardens

We also ventured out to the Botanical Gardens and if you do visit Edinburgh, I highly recommend this as a place to go, the gardens were lovely and the greenhouses were huge and beautiful to look around.

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  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    Nice article and love, love the instants :) I totally agree with you. Edinburgh is a wonderful place and I really enjoyed my time there when I visited.

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