Out to Sea: Beserah Fishing Village, Kuantan

Beserah is located about 10 kilometers away from north Kuantan. It is about a 10-minute drive from the city. It is a well-known fishing village and is famous for its salted fish.

Fishermen usually go out to sea early morning and come back with their catch in the afternoon. The spirit of cooperation among the fishermen and the villagers can be seen when the fishing boats are back. They work together to pull the boats to the shore. Then, they process the fish to separate the good and the bad. After processing, the fishermen clean their boats and pack their stuff. In its earlier days, there was a unique and interesting practice conducted by the fishermen; they used water buffaloes which are normally seen in paddy fields to pull the boats and transport the catch of the day to land.

Beserah Fishing Village is a beautiful place surrounded by tall coconut trees and a sandy beach. The sea water is clear and blue during sunny days. There are not many activities to be done here but you’re welcome to laze around, take pictures, swim, and explore the fishing village. If you are ‘lucky’ enough, you might bump into a peeing goat! :p

I like this place because it is calm and peaceful. I wouldn’t mind stepping foot on this place over and over again!

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