Out to Sea with Your Loved Ones: Kwun Tong Pier Coast and Promenade (Hong Kong)

A must-go place for those who are fond of fishing and photography, and it’s definitely the best choice for you to escape from the crowd and enjoy the magic moment with your loved ones – let me introduce you to a secret seaside scenic spot, Kwun Tong Pier Coast and Promenade!

All you need to take is just a 15-minute walk from the industrial area of Kwun Tong and you’re already miles away from the crowd!

Kwun Tong Promenade, formerly used as the loading and unloading area for paper recyclers, has recently been renovated into a seafront recreational area. Walking along the seaside boardwalk of wood decking and enjoying the breeze and sunshine, picnicking on the fresh green grass and enjoy a sunbathe or go fishing at the Kwun Tong Pier nearby are some great ideas for enjoying your weekends.

For photography enthusiasts, just grab your cameras and you’ll be amazed by the sea view! With sunlight sparkling the waves, you just can’t help keeping the shutter button busy! At about sunset time, everybody start to gather along the coast and wait for the arrival of the magic moment! Now, just let the photos speak for themselves…

Starting from 6pm every night, there are automatic light shows accompanying with music and mist effect at the multi-purpose plaza every half an hour. The special tower landmark is one of the highlights at the show! To be precise, the tower looks just like a giant colour flash standing on the ground, with the colour of the tower light changes in random and glittering with the background music.

What are you waiting for? Just grab your camera and enjoy some peaceful moments at this wonderful place which is just a few steps from your busy life!

1) Take Bus Route No. 11D, 15A, 15P, 23, 28A, 74A, 74X, 80, 80P, 80X, 83X, 93A, 268C, 269C to the bus terminus at Kwun Tong Pier.
2) Take Minibus Route No. 103 to the terminus at Kwun Tong Pier.
3) Take Exit B3 at Kwun Tong MTR Station or Exit B6 at Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station and walk for 10-15mins.
4) Take ferry at Sai Wan Ho or North Point to Kwun Tong Ferry Pier.

Fun in Kwun Tong

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