Living Life with My La Sardina: I Love You


Falling in love with La Sardina is kind of a bad romance; you hate it for some things on one hand, but on the other hand, you can’t help loving it more and more because of its unique charm! Please read on…

Have been fallen in love with La Sardina for no more than 3 months and I already know that we were fated to encounter.

Have been gifted by a Lomo friend as a surprise gift, I can still remember how amazed I felt when I saw the La Sardina at the first sight – compact and completely portable, a plastic-toy-like appearance featuring a classic design with a taste of marine, and super easy operation. Being able to focus object as close as 0.6m and capable of taking multiple exposure and long exposure shots, it contains all the features that a dreamy Lomo camera should have. And it gets along well with most of my films and yields fabulous results:

And it captures the lovely flares under the sun!

So, why am I saying that La Sardina is a bad lover?

One thing that causes me much trouble is that we have to pull the lens barrel out of the camera body and then twist it to the right position before shooting. You have to twist it until you hear the “click” sound, which signifies that the camera is now ready to shoot. If you’ve forgotten to check with this “click” sound, you could still press the shutter button as usual, but without taking any picture in REALITY as the shutter doesn’t actually open! Many memorable moments could only be replayed in my mind now, as I have forgotten to turn and lock the lens barrel to the correct position!

Another point that you need to check with is the lens cap. Remember to take if off before pressing the shutter or you’ll yield images like that…

What should I do if I’ve just taken a shot with its lens cap on? Easy enough, the MX switch will do me a favor! Without advancing the film after taken the first shot, just flick the MX button and take the second exposure. You’ll get a lovely double exposure instead of a blank image!

Furthermore, remember to check with the shutter speed setting before pressing the shutter! Otherwise you’ll be shooting with N (Normal) mode at poorly lit places and using B (Bulb) mode to shoot in sunny conditions!

Be careful when you’re doing multiple exposures at night as La Sardina is somewhat a tricky naughty fish when darkness falls. After you’ve taken the first exposure and flick the MX button, the shutter setting would automatically return to N (Normal) mode by default. So, remember to flick the shutter setting to B (Bulb) mode again before you make the second exposure!

Last but not least, La Sardina is a hungry film-eater. Once you’ve load a roll of film in it, you just can’t help pressing the shutter button!

Can’t deny that it’s kind of a bad romance between La Sardina and me, but true love does exist between us. I have no way to hide or deny, as I’m purely attracted by its unique charm.

My Sardina, I really hate you for being naughty to ruin some of my shots, yet I love you truly from my heart!

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  1. jesalonen
    jesalonen ·

    Damn - now I have to get one of those, too!

  2. cornborn
    cornborn ·

    I know exactly what you mean, I both hate and love my Sardina too...!
    But your pictures turned out great, especially the b&w ones are amazing!

  3. gateau
    gateau ·

    @jesalonen: Ohlala...sure you'll regret if you decide not to get any :P
    @cornborn: Thank you so much! I fed my La Sardina with Lady Grey 400 and the results turned out great! :)

  4. camielioo
    camielioo ·

    Great Black and White's ! have to try those in my sardina :) and good article to!

  5. arifrodriguez
    arifrodriguez ·

    experienced all of them.thx 4 sharing

  6. caritademelba
    caritademelba ·

    I could't express myself THAT clearly!, I feel the same with my La Sardina Cubic (L

  7. gateau
    gateau ·

    @camielioo: Thanks a lot! And....GoGoGo!!! :)
    @arifrodriguez: Ohlala, Thank you so much for your likes!
    @caritademelba: :D

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