Kodak Professional Plus-X 125, 35mm


Kodak Professional Plus-X 125 is an inexpensive black and white film that won’t give you inexpensive results. Please read on for more details about this marvelous film!

I first picked this film up at my local photo lab in a bin of expired film. It had been marked down to $2 a roll. I had never shot a whole roll of black and white film before so I thought, why not? Film doesn’t get much cheaper than that! (I also looked online to check how much it would cost, and it was between $4-$8; still pretty cheap.) I didn’t expect to get great results out of it; I just thought it would be something I could use to get a feel for black and white photography.

I ended up running it through an LC-A+; I was going to see a concert so I needed something compact, but I still wanted to get the best results I could. It ended up being a great choice. The concert started in the late afternoon so by the time I had finished the roll I wasn’t even sure if there was enough light for it to turn out. But luckily it did, and I think I owe that partly to the LC-A+ and its light meter.

I absolutely loved the results. It was so crisp with very little grain and had a good contrast. I suddenly wanted to shoot black and white film all the time. But I only had a couple of rolls left, and I was way too broke to go buy anything else. So I ended up waiting almost a month until I shot my next roll. And this time I didn’t have to worry about using something compact, so I ran it through a Canon AE-1.

And I absolutely loved it, too! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap and reliable black and white film.

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    Trying to find some of this film

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