Finding My Feet with the Lomo LC-Wide


Coming back to film photography after using digital camera for a long time, the cold and rather distant images captured by a digital sensor make way for rather fun and warm (as well as fuzzy) photos that are sometimes unpredictable.

I used to use film cameras a while ago. I was given an SLR camera as a present more than 15 years ago, and I went over to digital ten years ago and use that most of the time, especially in the studio and for sport.

But…the fun I remember from walking around and taking photos has gone; everyone on the street seems to use huge hulking DSLRs and everyone thinks that every shot has to be ‘chimped’ looked at in detail on a huge LCD screen. This seriously detracts from the whole meaning of photography..

Lomography doesn’t work like that; you have fun with the camera you have, you look at the film count and take the photos you want whenever you like… it’s all about fun! With a small camera that can fit in a pocket but can take super wide (17mm) shots, the Lomo LC-Wide isn’t a camera that screams “I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER” but instead takes you back to a more fun time with cameras, where you don’t have to worry too much about the images you have just taken.

As for the Lomo LC-Wide, it contains the widest lens that I have ever used; However, its viewfinder isn’t really an accurate representation of the photo being taken, and I recommend buying the instant kit (£20?)
as the viewfinder on that is much better for lining up the shots.

The film loading procedure may make you feel bit strange, just take your time and feed the film through and make sure its taken up properly and you will be good to go. Look for videos demonstrating how to load the film on YouTube as the instructions are not that clearly written.

The build of the camera body is of average quality but I wouldn’t expect the same build quality as a professional SLR. Just don’t throw it around too much and it will be your friend.

This is a very fun camera indeed. Just be aware of how wide the lens is and make sure you get close enough to the object. That’s the point where the camera really shines! Both Ilford HP5 or Lomography Colour Negative ISO 100 work well with it!

The Lomo LC-Wide, Ilford HP5 and Lomography Colour Negative ISO 100 are available at Lomography Shop.

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  1. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    I wish there was more than 5 shots in this. 30+ would've been nice. Really like the first pic.

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