Bronze Medal for Arnaldo Pomodoro

In this case, a Bronze Medal for Arnaldo Pomodoro is worth far more than usual. As a matter of fact, it’s worth gold. Arnaldo Pomodoro is an Italian artist of international repute, best known for his sculptures in bronze.

The Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, an initiative of the eponymous artist, began in 1995 in via Solari, in the space previously run by the foundry Riva&Calzoni.

The interiors, although redone, retain the previous industrial feel. A huge open space is subdivided into three stories by a metal structure. It also features a wide corridor, overlooking the work being exhibited on the ground floor.

Pomodoro’s works are permanently exhibited here, however, they are on rotation together with a number of alternating installations. The images below showcase the work of Perino & Vele and Olga Shigal.

The foundation’s programme is jam-packed with readings, concerts, and workshops related to the exhibitions. Courses of art appreciation for both adults and children are also offered thanks to the foundation’s extensive library.

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