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Have you visited the Lomography Shop lately? Let us know what you think about it!

To do Lomography you are not required to have any tools, but at the same time having the right ones can make your life so much easier! One place to get just about any Lomography tool that you could ever wish for is our online shop

As soon as we have completed the relaunch of our beloved webspace we will begin working on a new online shop. To succedd we need your help! What do you think about our current shop? Have you ordered something from our shop lately? Was it easy to find a product? Do you have some additional features that you would like to see? Some complaints to make? Now is the time to tell us! Leave a comment or write us an email at

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-02-18 #news #shop #relaunch #feedback #beta

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  1. thaiseb
    thaiseb ·

    Too many sections on the left. And the prices should appear without scrolling.

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    Special offers should be shown with both prices together, normal price and special.

    When things are out of stock they shouldn't disappear.

  3. special_patrol
    special_patrol ·

    oh please please please offer USPS shipping to canada - every time i order from the shop, i get hit with astronomical UPS fees that i have to pay at the door, whereas i have things shipped from the states vis USPS all the time and almost never get charged fees. once, the UPS guy charged me $30 for something i won in a competition(!) plus i have to be at home for them to deliver my merch. i'd order more often if were was a less annoying shipping option.

  4. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    It's a bummer when out of stock items dissapear. Sometimes you just want to check up on the specs or price range and other info, but get hit with an out of stock window and nothing else. It would be good to have nothing change, but if it's out of stock when you go to select whatever to add to cart it will be faded writing instead of bold and you won't be able to add it. Something like that.

    One thing I found was when looking into getting a LCA refurb (which isn't available in the US anyways) was that it didn't even list the ISO settings in the info which was the main info I was looking for since it is much different than the new LCA+.

    The film shop is kind of frustrating because it opens like three windows before you finally get to the film descriptions instead of a direct link. Trying to go to any microsite always leads to the same filmshop window where you have to reselct again if not more to get more specific types. I do appreciate all the listed films and examples of shots even if they aren't available at the moment. I hope you keep that so there is a reference there as well as in film reviews.

    Mostly the shop is really great though. I'll keep thinking.

  5. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    1. there should be a search button on the shop to find what your looking for faster.

    2. the film section is hard to navigate, especially with all the film you offer. maybe it should be organized by brand and not type.

    3. i agree that the price should be next to the product so you dont have to scroll to find it.

    4. microsites should be shown only on the product page itself not on the category section.
    this will eliminate too much scrolling to find what your looking for.

    5. the navigation bar should be on top link in the beta site

    6. there really is too much information on each page, too much scrolling. if possible maybe design the sight in CSS, so you can have multiple pages on one page.

    7. product description should be a tab like shots, microsite, tips and views

    8. maybe a user review or rating section as well

    to be continued

  6. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    I'd like for it to be easier to search through the films. Sometimes there's that little square towards the right with 4 pictures in it. I can't always tell which picture corresponds with which film, especially when I'm in a section where there are multiple films being listed. Maybe a clearer section with photos of typical results from each film.

  7. migueld
    migueld ·

    1. the film part of the shop needs major work. there's so much that's being offered, not to mention you get a bit overwhelmed because you're searching by type and not brand. and then the browsing! pictures aren't labeled as to what film is shown, etc...
    2. the blue sidebar is excruciatingly long, and doesn't expand in frame for some browsers. it may look pretty but if i have to zoom my frame out to see all of it, it's not worth it.
    3. microsites are fun and all, but the details tab also gets lost in the mix.
    4. if i can't buy it, i don't want a dead link. i'd like to think that it might come back in stock.
    5. what about tying in the camera and film reviews with products in the shop?
    6. a more visible shopping cart.
    7. package deals should be a little more visible, no? i didn't even know about some of them until i checked out the shop just now.

  8. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    1. So far I used the blue sidebar only once I think so I guess I don't like it... 2. I agree that products that are out of stock shouldn't disappear. Maybe you could even offer information on when it might be back in stock again (if that's possible). And basically the shop is the only way I know to get to the microsites so if a product isn't listed anymore I have no idea how to get to the microsite. :( ... 3. I've already mentioned that in a mail but just to be sure: I'd like a wishlist option, like the one at Amazon for example so when I have saved some piggies I can check what I wanted to buy or others can see what I'd like to have.

  9. petunia
    petunia ·

    Make it so that when you click on a "buy now" link in the film shop you get taken straight to that film and not a screen with a drop down box where you have to search for the film again - or even better use the "Add to cart" system in the film shop itself. Also, is the "Enter country" drop box screen completely necessary?

  10. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    1. I would appreciate a wishlist like gemma81de mentioned

    2. In the film shop should be an "out of stock" button instead of the "buy now" when this or that film is not in stock

  11. graefin
    graefin ·

    1. I can't scroll down the left blue sidebar (I have this problem for a while now....) 2. everything said about the film shop is good. It always got on my nerves when I clicked on an item in the filmshop and was redirected to the online shop where I couldn't find the film I wanted (and then ordered either no film at all or a different want I didn't really wanna have) 3. also agree with the others concerning the items that are out of stock. Mark the price red or something like that but don't take it off the list. 4. sidebar: make the font bigger and better to read and not so many different sections. If I were new to lomography I wouldn't now where to look to find my camera. Is it a lomographic camera? Or listed under other cameras? too confusing. 5. everything else was already said :)

  12. kefla
    kefla ·

    I agree with a lot of the above, such as wishlist, no more scrolling for prices, out of stock items not disappearing. Perhaps for items that you won't be stocking again, there could be a nice little archive area? Would be a good homage to some of the early products too.

    And the film shop definitely needs sorting. Maybe have a much larger thumbnail of each film (out of stock ones could be shaded grey) and hovering over it told you the key facts like name, speed & processing etc, and clicking gave a fuller description, some samples shots and links to reviews and all shots tagged etc.
    A search function for films would be good too, so that you can filter by each variable.

    Also at first I thought this was massively irrelevant as I wanted to beg you to try and get some more Konica Pro, but then... a request section would be great for stuff that we'd like to see in the shop!

    I could probably keep going, but think its time to shut now.... :D

    p.s. I quite like the current shopping cart preview with the icons. Its all about the icons!

  13. halfawakehaiku
    halfawakehaiku ·

    There should be a dedicated section for standing snatch offers.Also since it's the 25th anniversary and all I had hoped for more offers and accessories dedicated to the LCA. Perhaps a different offer every month?

    There should also be a "What's new" and "what's on sale" section for buyer's who don't always review the magazine and are not subscribed to the LSI news letter.

    But I would have to admit I love the freebies last month (Holga frame, Photoclips, pins and notebook) and this month is tempting too maybe you guys planned this to be a monthly thing? That would be awesome.

  14. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    I can live with everything else, but I WANT A WISHLIST!!!!!!


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