Serena Maneesh on Faroe Islands


When: June 2007

When: June 2007
With: Serena-Maneesh
After a 2 hour delay- mostly spent sitting in the airport bar sneaking
bottles of cheap booze in to mix with various juices – the Atlantic
Airways plane finally landed. A tiny bugger of a plane, if ever I saw
one. Jan’s cousin was on board as our stewardess and secured some
beverages for us to tame the deathly boredom of flying. The plane
landed once in Stavanger, and then headed on to the fable-like islands
of the Faroes stuck in the middle of the Atlantic with no apparent

The next 3 days passed in amazement and laughter. Waking up to a
blistering day full of light and sunshine, heading down to the
festival area to meet old friends and make new ones, Serena playing a
great set amidst all the chaos of changeovers and line-checks, and
then the back and forth between backstage, catering and other shows.
The food was exemplary and we ate until we could no more. The nights
ended as usual in the backstage area where drinks were consumed and
those daring enough showed their dance moves to the world. We just
sat, talking.

Saturday was our free day and we were picked up early and drove down
to the pier where we waited for the rest to arrive before setting out
on a small boat. We ended up 2 miles out from the coast where we sat
out on the front of the boat and fished for two glorious hours,
wrapped in sunlight and lubricated with beers and champagne…. The
rush of just sitting there and basking in the sun, fishing rod in
hand, friends around, with not a soul to be seen for miles, and the
rugged mountains diving into the sea just in front of us, it was truly
an experience. We left with 23 cod caught on our lines, and dropped
them off at a huge wooden ship where the captain was to cook them for
us later on in the night.

Sunday we woke up, had an egg and bacon breakfast and boarded the
flight back to Oslo.. back to the rain.. back to “normal” life…

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    i've never listened to your music, but i'll do it certainly! thanks for super gallery)

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