Lomography Canada & OTM Zine Featured Photographer Matthew Tammaro

Meet Toronto based photographer Matthew Tammaro, soon to be featured photographer of the Lomography Canada+OTM Zine photography exhibit DEPICT: T.O. at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto! Already working with film, he’s excited to expand his knowledge in Lomography, shooting with the Diana F+!

Name: Matthew Tammaro
Website: www.matthewtammaro.com
Blog: matthewtammaro.tumblr.com 1overx.tumblr.com

Describe your photographic style in one sentence:
Something, romanticized.

How/when did you discover your passion for photography?
By watching movies, looking at my parents’ old photographs in secret, and being better at it than painting.

Can you give us an insight into your creative process?
It ranges a lot, but is usually based on my moods and really just pursuing something I find beautiful.

What do you love most about working as a photographer in Toronto? What do you love least?
Most: the lands outside of the city. Least: we need more cool magazines!

Dream photograph? (Style, composition, subject. Etc)
Maybe colour 20×24″ polaroid, nude, of a person I love the most.

Top 3 places to find inspiration in Toronto:
Caledon; the Winter, at night, with music; a bunch of magazine and books stores around the city.

Why are you excited to be a part of the OTM+LOMO: DEPICT T.O. Show?
A city is the ideal subject matter to see someone’s feeling towards so many things. It’s an inanimate object, yet so many feelings are conjured up in it.

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