Lomography Canada & OTM Zine Featured Photographer Michael Raymond Clarke


Meet Toronto based photographer Michael Raymond Clarke, soon to be featured photographer of the Lomography Canada+OTM Zine photography exhibit DEPICT: T.O. at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto! Already working with film, he’s excited to expand his knowledge in Lomography, shooting with the Actionsampler!

Name: Michael Raymond Clarke
Website/Blog: www.michaelclarke.ca

Describe your photographic style in one sentence:
Anti-aesthetic that is over-intuitive with clichés and chaos.

How/when did you discover your passion for photography?
I discovered my passion for photography completely by accident in high school actually. It was a guaranteed credit and legitimate excuse to leave school for an hour. I guess that makes it kind of ironic that Image Arts became my major during post-secondary. Now I can’t help but credit photography as anything, but the most important technological development since Gutenberg’s printing press.

Can you give us an insight into your creative process?
Most of the time I try to think of the most iconic and clichéd idea, then I consider the complete opposite of that and try to find matrimony between the two. I think it’s a lot like cooking in many ways… let everything rest for a minute!

What do you love most about working as a photographer in Toronto? What do you love least?
The Contact Photography Festival is definitely what I love most about working in Toronto as a photographer. May is my favourite month of the year here. My least favourite thing is definitely the lack of discourse for conceptual and fine art photography here; specifically abstract photography whether it is analog or digital.

Dream photograph? (Style, composition, subject. Etc)
Easiest question! It would have to be a formal life-size portrait of my mom and I on 40”x 106” Polaroid!

Top 3 places to find inspiration in Toronto:

1. Street Life!
2. Toronto Reference Library
3. Metro Convention Center

Why are you excited to be a part of the OTM+LOMO: DEPICT T.O. Show?
I actually think LOMO is a great company behind a very important social movement. This show and collaboration between OTM, LOMO and Toronto has the chance to use the representation of this city as an international platform to promote photography of analog nature in a fun, positive and creatively progressive context.

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