Falling for Fall in Paris

Aside from being a romantic place for my boyfriend and I to visit for a week, Paris is also such a wonderful place to fall in love with autumn and my cameras all over again.

I was very surprised that even though we visited Paris in August there was still the beginnings of Autumn hanging in the air and it made me so excited about the changing of the seasons.

Europe is my favourite place to explore in autumn, the architecture seems to change and evolve with the leaves, with details popping next to the vibrant colours and Paris is so photogenic and beautiful with the changing leaves that I couldn’t help but take so many photos.

Everything in Paris is photogenic and it was so easy to wander around taking it all in and I enjoyed taking so many photos that I fell in love with the city and my cameras all over again.

written by easilydistracted on 2011-10-04 #places #red #trees #orange #autumn #fall #romantic #location #paris #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location #city-break

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