Split it Up with the Diana+ Splitzer!

Want to spice up your photos? Want to make awesome compositions in a single frame of film? Slap on the Diana+ Splitzer and you’re good to go!

The Diana Splitzer was an accessory I just had to have the second i saw it. A single lens cap with the ability to split a single frame of film into 8 slices of delicious Lomography.

The Diana+ Splitzer fits right over the normal diana lens, and allows you to rotate the divider to your desire, take a shot, then rotate again, take another shot, and again and again and again.

You see, the Diana+ Splitzer has 2 dividers that rotate. The main black one splits the frame in half. Behind the main divider is a blue one that can help you divide the frame into 4, 6, or even 8 different pieces.

The one thing I recommend to everyone when it comes to shooting with the Diana+ Splitzer: Find a subject and shoot your frames over that one subject, highlighting certain points close up. I did this with a statue of Stephen F. Austin at my university, and it turned out way better than any shot I could take of the statue as a whole.

I also did this with the Texas state capital.

So if you enjoy interesting compositions in a single frame, this is your door way to amazing photos.

Lomo On!

Slice and dice your dreamy Diana images with the Diana+ Splitzer! Two small plastic blades can be turned to cut your image into halves, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths. Image parts bleed seamlessly into on another. The Diana+ Splitzer easily slips on and off the Diana+ lens and works with all Lomography Diana+ and Diana F+ cameras.

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