Mongolia in Instant Film


A traveler duo went on a trip to Mongolia and brought film cameras and photographed people in the countryside. Read more after the jump…

Screenshot from 'Mongolia' by wiissaa

Photographs are precious to us, they contain memories preserved in a frame. In these modern times, cellphones and computers contain most of the pictures we take. Unfortunately, not everyone have these privileges, not even everyone have physical photographs. Wilson and Vanessa (collectively known as wiisaa) went on a motorcycle trip along the Mongolian countryside, armed with a Fujifilm Instax and a stack of film, they did a nice thing photographing people they come across and giving them the pictures for keeps.

Images from

They also made this awesome video. You can see the happy faces of the people who, among some, have not seen themselves in photographs or haven’t had their pictures taken at all.

mongolia! from wiissa on Vimeo.

It feels nice to be able to bring joy to people, even in the simplest form. Good job to for this amazing project.


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  1. explorette
    explorette ·

    wow! That is an amazing video! its so cool for people to see themselves in pictures when they haven't seen one before!

  2. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    Awesome project!

  3. franky_de_luffy
    franky_de_luffy ·

    So cute!!

  4. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Loved the little film..short and sweet. Thank you for sharing, to them and me.

  5. feelux
    feelux ·

    Cuuuute! yeah, thank you for sharing to them and to us :)

  6. bravebird
    bravebird ·


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