The Caviar Diaries – Chapter 8: White Nights – Red Caviar


Learn about what Russia has to offer in this next chapter of Caviar Diaries!

When I planned my trip I really wanted to go to Russia. It is here that caviar reached its supremacy and finesse. It is now in St. Petersburg and Moscow where the wildest parties take place. When I arrived in Piter, as the locals call the second biggest city of the largest country in the world, it was shortly before the white nights. This is the time of the year when the sun doesn’t set in the northern capital. I was very happy to join forces with Maria aka Masha_Njam (see her LomoHome!), one of the most entertaining Lomographers of all time. We had known each other online for quite some time now but we had never met in real life. I engaged myself in a party-marathon with no breaks. Not only is the nightlife very active in this metropolis, but they were also celebrating the city’s birthday, which had be celebrated in style. The main avenue, Nevskij Prospect, was blocked with cars and there were stages with music and theatre in the square outside the Hermitage. Masha kept me busy and delivered a first-class dose of delirium. When I woke up again, I found myself on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. In one hand, a plastic glass of shampanskoje and in the other a slice of butter bread topped with red caviar! I was truly living like the Czar in St. Petersburg.

I seized the chance to go the Lomographic Embassy in St. Petersburg to meet the ambassador, Suleyman, and Stephanie, who have been running the show for many years. St. Petersburg is the home of the Lomo LC-A and it was exciting to hear all the stories about the early steps of the society first-hand. In particular, the transition of production to China was an amazing tale. I witnessed how all these little broken LC-As from all over the world were coming to be repaired and refurbished right here at the embassy. Without the letter of invitation from Stephanie I would not have received the Russian visa in the first place, so I was very grateful.

Caviar Diaries was written by Willie Schumann. Visit his LomoHome here

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