Rockmui: Dream 'Til the End!

Born in the analogue world of the later half of the 80s (Gen Y) and with great musical determination, her life involves music as well as photography. She has published 2 photo albums in the past, and has organized her own photo exhibition last summer. She is Rockmui, and she’s determined to think about her dreams till the end!

Rockmui and La Sardina at Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan

Her daily life involves carrying analogue cameras. She has a special love for films because films leave her with a unique feeling. She only uses one or two cameras to take photos of her life and during travel, so her photo albums and her articles together records her life as if it is her diary. This became the basis of her 2 photo albums “失.逃 Rockmuilogy” (“Lost. Escape Rockmuilogy”) and “Rock Me Demo”.

Rock Me Demo Photo Exhibition

I appreciate Rockmui, and even see her as a model student for the Gen Y. From the start of her career as part of the singing group “At 17” and then gradually becoming more independent as a guitarist through hard work and passion for music, she has achieved so much even at this young age. Among these are: being the only designated female guitarist for all pop concerts in Hong Kong, sold out for her first music album “Set Off”, becoming a composer, lyricist, producer as well as photographer. Her passionate and success in following her dreams are great, but her determination in following her dream is also something which should be admired by all Gen Y / people born in the 80s!

Rockmui visiting the Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan previously, and picking up the Spinner 360 to take a few photos.

LEE : THE CITY IS MINE #3 | BTS from FlwriderTV on Vimeo.

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