Capilano Salmon Hatchery


Many nice things to see here and it’s free! Parking is free too.

Many nice things to see here and it’s free! Parking is free too.
Static displays of the different types of salmon, maps of their journeys in the ocean, fishing lures all shapes and colors. Real displays of the different salmonoids (babies) in little tanks.

Huge tanks with glass walls where the returning mature salmon can be viewed as they jump dramatically up each stage of the run, sometimes they don’t make it and get washed back to the next section (about 3 feet behind). Watch them swim against the water flowing rapidly downstream, they line themselves up with a “dead” spot in the current near the next obstacle, they wait then suddenly jump, go! go! You will cheer! (happens in winter only)
There are also several trails to walk here in the surrounding forest, one trail brings you upstream to a viewing platform where you can see the Cleveland Dam.

An amazing sight in the winter when there’s been a lot of rain, and they open the floodgates wide, wow! It’s like a water explosion. In summer it’s more tranquil, and nice and cool in the forest. You might see a blue heron or some unusual ducks, a bald eagle, sometimes “bear in the area” sign. There are nice tables to picnic in the forest.

Just off Capilano Road in North Vancouver.
4500 Capilano Park Road, map: ==

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