I Love People: 5000 miles, 3000 photographs, 300 people, and 1 man


A man hitchhikes across America and photographs his adventures and the helpful strangers along the way. Read more and check out the video after the jump…

Image from Adventure Sauce

Benjamin Jenks had a dream. His dream was to travel, and he did that using only his thumb. With a little help from 929 people, he was able to travel more than 5000 miles from California to Maine and took 3000 photographs to document it in the process. He used the photos to make a stop-motion video of his adventure across the USA. Analogue travelling at it’s best!

The video shows 3 months of the year long hitchhiking journey that he went through. Showing the goodness of people all over the country. Some celebrities made appearances including Tom Green and the guys from History Channel’s Pawn Stars. Try to spot them. Here’s the video:

He currently runs the website Adventure Sauce which aims to help people and inspire people to be more creative and adventurous. The website also posts videos of travel tips and fun stuff to try.

Adventure Sauce

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