Lomography Canada & OTM Zine Featured Photographer Jalani Morgan

Meet Toronto based photographer Jalani Morgan, soon to be featured photographer of the Lomography Canada+OTM Zine photography exhibit DEPICT: T.O. at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto! Already working with film, he’s excited to expand his knowledge in Lomography, shooting with the La Sardina Camera!

Name: Jalani Morgan
Website/Blog: www.jalanimorgan.com

Describe your photographic style in one sentence:
Authentic; it’s about having an unbiased view of our culture.

How/when did you discover your passion for photography?
In 2001 I was given a camera and a photography course at Centennial and from then it was on. I was infected with the passion.

Can you give us an insight into your creative process?
In the social media era, we don’t get that time like we used to so I cherish the moments when I can really build a rapport with my subjects. I think that’s why my photographs are authentic; I have authentic moments with my subjects all while taking on the responsibility to execute a great photo.

What do you love most about working as a photographer in Toronto? What do you love least?
What I love most is the feeling of the city, there are so many talented people here and I really feel we are onto something here, a new renaissance. It’s an honour for me to be able to document it in some capacity.

The least is the cold, I can’t hide the fact I think my DNA was made for warm weather however I’ve made it this far so I actually think I’m ok with the winter in some way; it’s an eternal battle I tell you! Other than that I love Toronto, I really do. ‘Least’ and ‘Toronto’ don’t really mix with me.

Dream photograph? (Style, composition, subject. Etc)
Wow, Josephine Baker would have been a dream session to have. Some from this era might know her, some might not but she was very important. Look her up.

Top 3 places to find inspiration in Toronto:
- Scarborough
- Where ever any of my favourite bands are playing.
- At my studio with my Hermann & Audrey family.

Why are you excited to be a part of the LOMO+OTM: DEPICT T.O. Show?
I really respect origins, so I am very obsessed with the beginnings of things. Naturally with my love of photography, shooting film is an obvious step for me to explore so I’m thrilled to be a part of this show to express my message through film.

Jalani is shooting with the La Sardina Sea Pride camera for the exhibition. We look forward to seeing his shots!

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