The Future of Tungsten Film


With the production of the Fujichrome T64 coming to a stop, many people worry about the future of tungsten film. Well, don’t worry because Lomography now has tungsten film! Read more after the break.

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Tungsten film has been a long time favorite for night photography as the low ISO makes it good for long exposures. It also balances out the yellow/orange color that we usually get from street lights and generally gives a cooler tone.

A few months ago, Fujifilm made a few announcements regarding the future of their film line. Last April, they have ceased the production of the duplicating film, Fujichrome CDU II and in July, they discontinued the Fujichrome T64 tungsten film. The reason behind the decision was that sales for duplicating films has been declining over the years and the sales of T64 tungsten film has dropped off as well. They have decided to focus on the more popular line in the pro film range and continue to sell the discontinued films while supplies last.

Don’t worry, Lomography has tungsten films too!

Lomography X Tungsten 35mm Tungsten film and Earl Grey Black & White 120 film

Let us welcome the newest additions to our Lomography film family: The limited edition *Lomography X Tungsten 35mm* and *Earl Grey Black & White 120*. The Lomography tungsten film is available for a limited time only so get yours now and start shooting!

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  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    Oooh I like the film catridge!

  2. mandi
    mandi ·

    oh no, it's so sad to hear about discontinued film.

  3. wonderdude
    wonderdude ·

    Nice! I recently discovered the awesomeness of cross processing Fuji T64 and just started hoarding. It's fantastic that Lomo is continuing this purple & red magic!!

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    oh, that's great!!! Love Tungsten film!! Thanks LSI for these new films! :)

  5. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    Thanks for contiuning the production of tungsten film for Lomography x Fujifilm,
    wish you can keep a reasonable price to lat more people enjoy ther analogue life =)

  6. chethong
    chethong ·

    I doubt lomo is 'continuing the production' of tungsten film ? Coz these are in limited stocks only.

  7. johan34370
    johan34370 ·

    Great guys!

  8. nyebe
    nyebe ·

    Hello all! I have updated and corrected the information. I apologize for the mistake.

  9. eleonorepairet
    eleonorepairet ·

    what about now? I miss tungsten film!

  10. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Alas, even the Lomo tungsten film is now gone. Hopefully they'll revive it again soon.

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