La Sardina Catches Flying Trees!


My area of the world survived three natural disasters in August; an earthquake, hurricane and a tornado. There was extensive wind damage after the large storm and as the clean-up began, my La Sardina was able to catch some trees in flight as the tree removal crew did their work.

Recently, Hurricane Irene hit my area of the world pretty hard but it wasn’t the hurricane that caused damage at my house, rather it was a tornado that was spawned from its swirling winds.

To understand how crazy I was feeling you need a little background on the last week of August 2011. It was one for the natural disaster history books on the East Coast of the US as we had experienced an earthquake a few days earlier. It was nothing more than a little rumbling here in Delaware, but our nerves were on edge nonetheless.

I wanted to evacuate considering our house is a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean, but my husband thought we could stay and ride it out. I thought he’d lost his mind but after seeing how large the storm was, I realized we couldn’t escape it, no matter how far we drove.

We were hunkered down and ready to go and Irene rolled in on Saturday afternoon. The wind gradually picked up speed and the rain became torrential at times.

I was looking out our large sliding glass door when an enormous gust of wind bent all the trees in the backyard in one direction. The rain suddenly picked up and visibility became zero. I was terrified thinking this is the kind of weather we could expect overnight, when the real brunt of the storm would hit. As the wind died down and we saw the damage we realized we had just been in the middle of a tornado. We lost three trees and a little section of our fence but we were incredibly lucky that no one was hurt anywhere in our neighborhood.

A few days later the tree removal crew came and lifted those trees, and others, off houses and crushed fences with a giant crane. My La Sardina couldn’t catch the action of the tornado but I got some really cool shots of the cranes in action. It was really a sight to behold and my kids and I put some chairs out on the lawn and watched the show. The La Sardina extra wide lens really gives you a sense of how big the fallen trees were and how far up in the air they were travelling.

No matter how cool the pictures were, three natural disasters in one week was certainly enough for a lifetime. Here’s hoping the rest of this year’s weather is very, very quiet.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    wow! epic photos and nice use of the wide angle lens!

  2. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    thanks, jeffr! it turned out to be the PERFECT camera for these subjects.

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