Coney Island & the Mermaid Parade

Although Coney Island is magical anytime of the year, it comes alive during the annual Mermaid Parade. For one day of the summer, allow yourself to unleash your inner freak, or just stop by to watch the “freak” show yourself!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t normally find excuses to venture down to Coney Island, but the Mermaid Parade is by far one of the best reasons to spend a day by the sea. The parade itself is a feast for your eyes: floats with Neptune, seahorses, and other sea creatures, choreographed dance troupes, pirates, ninjas, and yes, even mermaids can be found. The parade is truly a treasure trove for photographers and lomography enthusiasts alike.

But while the parade is fun to watch, sometimes the crowd itself out does the people in the parade. Stilt-walkers, sailors and seamen, and walking fishes are not uncommon to see strolling down the boardwalk or along Surf Ave. So if you missed this summer’s Mermaid Parade, fear not: soon enough the sun will be blistering again and New York and Brooklyn will be gearing up for yet another Mermaid Parade. Grab your favorite camera, a few rolls of film and a couple friends and you’re ready to hit the streets!

written by chewy on 2011-10-04 #places #location #coney-island #landmarks #wonderwheel #escape-from-the-city #nycg #mermaidparade

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