Amazing Light Paintings by Wes Whaley and the Lomographic World


An American light painter has been on the spotlight for his glowing works of art, made using his very own homemade light painting device. Let’s take a look at some of his brilliant masterpieces, and some of the community’s very own as well!

“Lateralus” by Wes Whaley via Telegraph

Wes Whaley has been catching the attention of the photography world for his stunning light paintings, such as the one called “Lateralus” above. How does he do it? Through a light painting device he built himself using various “light tools” such as paint rollers and fluorescent tubing (EL wires).

Wes, a sales representative of an Alabama-based electrical supply company, shares with Telegraph in an interview that his best friend got him interested in light painting, and loves it because of its endless possibilities, limited only by a person’s imagination.

The amateur photographer’s creative process, however, is not without its own set of challenges. “In my paintings the most difficult thing is making all the movements as precise possible. It can be tricky as I do them all freehand,” Wes tells Telegraph. “I do not use any kind of post processing, editing or Photoshop so the way I shoot it is the way you see it.”

Let’s take a look at some more of his work:

Photos by Wes Whaley via Telegraph

Learn more about Wes Whaley by reading his interview with Telegraph and taking a look at his Flickr photostream!

Of course, the Lomographic World is not without its very own light painting masterpieces, wonderfully captured in full analogue flavor. Light paintings are without a doubt one of the community’s favorites, as proven by these creative takes on the photographic technique! Let’s us also take a look and be amazed at some of the community’s very best light paintings below!

Credits: j_robert, peach0303, ccwu, antibiotyx, milkie, blackbyrd, squamy & dogma

What do you think of Wes Whaley’s light paintings? Also, to those whose analogue light paintings are featured in these post, we’d like to hear something about your work!

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