Super 8 Feature: A Polish Vampire in Burbank

Here’s a movie shot completely in Super 8! Learn more about Dupah, a vampire who has never bitten anyone in his life.

Before digital flicks existed, movies were shot using film cameras. One particular film format that was popular for shooting was the Super 8. With a limited budget of $2,500, A Polish Vampire in Burbank used this type of film to come up with an 84-minute movie.

images via Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Dupah, the protagonist in the film, is a vampire who has never bitten anyone in his life. This is because he believes his fangs are not big enough. All his life, all he ever did was stay in his castle and feed on excess blood that he’d put in a baggie and drink with a straw. One day, his father decides that Dupah should learn to get blood by himself, thus throwing him out of the castle. Without blood to feed on and his worries about his fangs, Dupah goes on his own and tries to feed on victims.

images via Taliesin Meets the Vampires

On his journey he meets Delores, an avid fan of vampire movies. Dupah sees this as an opportunity to take his first bite, but is reluctant since he is starting to fall for her. What is Dupah’s fate?

Here’s an interview with the filmmaker and some clips from the movie:

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