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With the launch of the LomoKino, our new analogue movie camera, we decided to delve into the film archives to find some of the earliest examples of stop motion cinema- Produced over 100 years ago, it’s amazing how well these short films have stood the test of time – We are so excited to see what stop motion movies you can produce with the LomoKino in the 21st century!

When the movie camera was first invented, pioneering directors experimented withal kinds of techniques – Whilst movie-making methods such as stop motion are familiar to us all nowadays, these inventive early directors were doing something completely new and playing with a technique which had never been done before! Take a look at a few of these early film examples and be inspired to produce your own LomoKino movies in the same style!

El hotel electrico (1905)

Elements of stop motion are used throughout this movie from the Spanish Director Segundo de Chomon:

La maison ensorcelée (1907-8)

Another movie by Segundo de Chomon, skip in to 2:24 if you want to see an amazing stop motion scene!

The Automatic Moving Company (1909-10)

No people appear in this movie by Émile Cohl – It’s basically entirely dedicated to the world of stop motion – Ingenious stuff!

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    Master! Segundo de Chomon

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