What the hell is Tungsten film?


Today we launch the first Lomography Tungsten film, Lomography X Tungsten 64 ISO – If you’re not sure what the hell tungsten film is, read this!

Credits: oldskool_rider

We’re ever so proud to announce the introduction of Lomography’s first Tungsten film! Lomography X Tungsten is a 35mm, 64 ISO color slide film – its low ISO gives you photos with ultra-fine grain and it can be used with all 35mm cameras – Also, despite its 64 ISO setting, it can still give superb results at 100 ISO (with the LC-A+ for example) – Shooting X Tungsten at 100 ISO increases the density of the image and even enhances the colors! But enough about ISO – What the hell is Tungsten you ask? Read on for the answer!

Tungsten film and its original intended use

When we look at something, our eyes are cleverly able to ‘correct’ the colors in different lighting conditions – So whether you look at the same red cup indoors or out, it will most likely look a similar color. However, photographic films can’t adjust in the same way – That’s why different films exist for different light conditions. Most films on the market today are daylight balanced – That means they are designed to give you accurate colors outdoors or under electronic flash conditions (usual daylight is about 5500 kelvins – A kelvin is a measure of light temperature).

Credits: larslau

On the other hand, Tungsten film was originally introduced to give accurate colors for photographers who shoot indoors under studio light conditions – Tungsten lights (such as photofloods) have a much lower color temperature than daylight (about 3200 kelvins). If a daylight film is shot under tungsten light conditions, it often produces a yellow-orange hue – Tungsten film will give a neutral color balance under tungsten light conditions. Oh and by the way, Tungsten is another name for the chemical element wolfram, a metal which is often used in light bulb filaments.

Credits: grad

So Tungsten film should only be shot under Tungsten light conditions?

No way José! As Lomographers, we like to forget the ‘rules’ – You’ll get amazing photos with X Tungsten in all kinds of light conditions! Shoot it indoors or out, under tungsten lighting or daylight conditions (just remember to bear in mind its low ISO) – Throw the tungsten rulebook out the window and experiment in whatever conditions you like!

Cross Processing Tungsten Film

Being a slide film, Tungsten X film gives some awesome results when cross-processed – As with all cross processed shots, expect different results from different developments and labs – Just get ready for some electrifying, x-citing surprises!

Lomography X Tungsten

Lomography X Tungsten is a brand new 64 ISO, color slide film from Lomography – guaranteed to shock you out of your day-to-day routine with its electrifying personality, get x-cited about tungsten today!

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    Coming in 120 soon I hope!!

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    Love the tungsten xpro!!

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    Oh yes please!!! 120mm soon, I'm with @freyfrey!!!

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    Fuji T64 con't???

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    so how does it look like when its crossed?

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    B&W 35mm 400, T64 35mm... cool, but now we demand an IR 800 35/120mm film ! ! !
    let's do it ! ! !

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