Fuji Natura Classica: Perfect for Snapshots & Beginners


Fuji Natura Classica is so convenient and easy to use. Without having to worry about the exposure settings, for a beginner like me can focus on exploring and learning the features of different films.

When I first return to analogue photography, my friend has been helping me a lot. She was so generous in lending me her Natura Classica when I was looking for an easy to use but powerful analogue camera. It really helps me to to explore different situations for shooting.

With its large aperture, 2.8 at maximum, it is truly a very versatile camera. With its fully automatic setting, I do not have worry much. No need to worry about the shutter speed, aperture, the focus distance. It becomes truly press and shot. I can focus on thinking about the composition. I really love the clear and sharp photos it produced.

I have used Natura Classica in many situations, including day or night, indoor or outdoor. The large aperture can almost handle any situation and I did not have to use the flash. For someone like me who prefer not to use the flash if possible, Natura Classica can memorize your “no flash” setting. Unlike some other cameras, you do not have to reset it to “no flash” every time you start the camera.

I’ve tried different films on Natura Classica, including those of ISO 100, 400 and 1600. You can see some of them in the following.

For a Film of 100 ISO, it is naturally suitable for shooting in bright sunlight and daytime. But using Natura Classica, it can still handle some low lighting conditions.



For a higher speed film with ISO 400, it is even more versatile to be used with Natura Classica. For sunny days, definitely no problem. Over-exposure? Never. The photos token indoor are quite vivid and have clear contrast. And what’s more is that with Natura Classica, pictures using ISO 400 at night are not bad!


Dusk & Evenings:

Finally, by pairing it with an extremely high speed film like Fuji Natura 1600, night scenes can be captured perfectly. The unique feature of this camera, NP mode (Natural Photo mode), is activated. Now, no more troublesome tripods are needed for taking stunning sharp and beautiful night scenes photos.

ISO 1600:

The focus of the camera is fast and accurate. It is so convenient for street snapshot. Since it worries the exposure settings for you, for beginners like me can enjoy experimenting the films at different situations.

The Fuji Natura Classica is an exceptional, light-sensitive camera which allows you to take stunning analogue photographs using only available light. Its Natural Photo mode detects the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure accordingly, eliminating the need to use flash. For images that radiate natural beauty, get your own Fuji Natura Classica now!

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  1. k_melancholy
    k_melancholy ·

    A very nice camera, I wish I can afford it... :(

  2. toni78
    toni78 ·

    beautiful photo, but it cost too for me...

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