Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 22: Meeting # 4: Sunlight Shankar and his Lomographic friends

Origins: Chobi // shooting in the sunlight

Shankar came directly from the River Ganges to the pond and quickly opened up a Texan-style BBQ joint. Unfortunately, his cooking talents were not much appreciated, and soon he had to think of some other way to earn his living. A striking idea came to his mind that he thankfully shared with his Lomographic friends:

“No more ribs and beans! As I was working in my little take-away shop, I was very unhappy. See, the other fish didn’t like my food, it was cold and dark in my shack, and I also had problems meeting any cute fishie-girls. I think that they weren’t crazy for my cooking talents either. Nowadays, it’s all changed. I’ve always gone up to the surface every day to work on my tan and started to think – why not turn this hobby into a profession? Since then, I’ve been successfully selling sunglasses to my goldfish brethren – allowing them to protect their eyes and maintain their fashion sense. I stroll about in the sun all day and meet so many ladies – as they can’t resist a handsome fish with shades!”

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