Looking Out to Sea from a Sunny Island


Singapore, a tiny island surrounded by the sea, is a gem hiding some beautiful sea views, beaches, and seafronts. Come in and take a look!

1. Changi Beach (above)
My favourite of the lot – the often deserted beach in the east is an awesome spot to enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

You can get acquainted with the shore life, for example Mr Hermit Crab:

or bring your bike for a ride with gorgeous views:

or just explore the beach (:

2. East Coast Park

Just about 10km down from Changi Beach is East Coast Park.

There is a park connector so you can cycle straight down from Changi to the jetty:

and view the sandcastle-making spot nearby (:

2. Lim Chu Kang Jetty

This gorgeous place in the northwest is a hidden gem not many know of. Shortly after sunrise, the jetty linking to the nearby fishing villages becomes a hustle and bustle of activity, albeit a tiny one due to the limited space.

You can spot various colourful boats tied up:

and check out the mangrove forest next to it.

5. Pulau Ubin

The “last kampung village” in the northeast on an island even tinier than mainland Singapore offers great cycling paths, camping, old houses and, of course, sea views.

There is a boardwalk along the rocky shore of Chek Jawa where there is decent scenery:

3. Punggol Beach

Another rocky beach which is popular with fishermen and picnicking families.

There used to be a vast, empty field filled with lalangs which fishing hobbyists would enter illegally but it has been turned into a park now.

4. West Coast Park

This used to be a very popular spot with families until reclamation was done about a decade ago for port development.

Now it is a place where people hang out to play cricket or fly kites while enjoying the sea view and wide, open blue skies:

Thanks for looking!

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  1. ppiinkx
    ppiinkx ·

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I'm a Singaporean too. It's refreshing to see how you are able to capture the beauty of Singapore with the way you did.
    Looking forward to get to know more Singaporeans in this website..

    - @ppiinkx (Twitter/www.ppiinkx.com)

  2. cherieamour
    cherieamour ·

    @ppiinkx: You're welcome (: I hope you get inspired to find and share beautiful places too! Always good to know more (:

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