Out to Sea: A One of a Kind Beach!

This is a one-of-a-kind beach. My favourite one: with my pals or only with myself and I. Can’t stop wondering how could I have let this one spend so much time without me, as I was wandering about, searching for that resting spot, that second home place.

For some years, my love for beaches and the sun drove me to a lot of sandy places nearby home. But in the last 4 years I’ve been hidden in what I like to see as my one beach of selection near my own place. Although it’s a 30km trip to this sunny beach, it’s like a small step to my happiness. In Portugal, we can find some good beaches down south. On the west coast they have a magical combination of sand, landscapes, and water. But some years ago I found this kind of beach near me: Paredes Beach! Now, there’s no need to go to south Portugal. It’s a familiar beach but it has a great surface of sand expecting those who don’t like to be exposed to a lot of children and families.

This is the one!

As most people drive to the end of the road, I usually take a shortcut between trees using a narrow sandy walk down to that idyllic place. It’s how we meet a hidden treasure. The brightness enters our bodies and bags as my cameras say “Please use me here”. It’s great to take all the pictures we want. It’s surrounded with a landscape that protects our back, and a beautiful rock – that almost looks like a sphinx, like a giant lion – that divides this unique beach from another near beach, from the world.

It’s my one place, the place I took my LCA + RL to shoot for the first time, where it belongs!

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written by sprofishgel on 2011-10-03 #places #sea #sand #rocks #favourite #location #beach #sphinx #paredes #escape-from-the-city #theplace

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