PYHOF: It's the End of R.E.M As We Know It ...

2011-09-24 3

Sometime in 1980, there were four students who dropped out of school to form a band which they called R.E.M., establishing an “alternative rock” sound that inspired bands such as Nirvana and Pavement.

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GENRE: Alternative rock

Michael Stipe (vocals)
Mike Mills (bass)
Peter Buck (guitars)
Bill Berry (drums; retired in 1997)

Earlier this week, the band revealed a surprising news – after 31 years, they have decided to call it quits. Says Peter Buck, “One of the things that was always so great about being in R.E.M., was the fact that the records we made and the songs we wrote, meant as much to our fans as they did to us. It was, and still is, important to us to do right by them. Being a part of their lives has been an unbelievable gift.” (via) A Greatest Hits album will be released in November.

Did you know that Michael Stipe also takes photographs? In 1995 when singer Patti Smith was touring, he tagged along with an “ancient camera” and documented the tour, resulting in imperfect and emotional Black and White prints.

Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith (a Photo Diary by Michael Stipe)

He is also credited for producing movies such as Being John Malkovich, Velvet Goldmine, and Man on the Moon. Perhaps we’ll see more of him behind the scenes?

See Michael Stipe @ The Creators Project

And now, on to our playlist …



Man On The Moon

Bang and Blame


Shiny Happy People

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  1. julievandoninck
    julievandoninck ·

    It was R.E.M. and Michael Stipe that once woke up my interest in photography. They are great artists!

  2. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    love this band. "automatic for the people" is such a great album!

  3. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    Great band!!!

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