Out to Sea: Amazing Sea View Around the Corner at Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city full of skyscrapers. Yet there are places just around the corner where you can admire the beauty of nature. Wu Kai Sha is such a place. With the beautiful sea and sky in view, you can hardly believe that you are still in the urban area.

In a modern city like Hong Kong, it is not easy to find a place where you can really admire the sea and it is not blocked by the skyscrapers. On that day at Wu Kai Sha, I could truly feel I’d escaped from the city and was astonished by the beauty of nature.

Because of the expanding population in Hong Kong, Wu Kai Sha is situated right next to Ma On Shan. Ma On Shan is a new town that has been rapidly developing in the last few years. Dozens of tall buildings have been constructed there. You can now reach Wu Kai Sha with around a 5-minute walk from Ma On Shan.

When I stepped on the beach of Wu Kai Sha, my heart was instantly lit up by the scenery there.

Facing the blue ocean with the clear and blue sky, I could finally get a break from being surrounded only by tall, grey looking buildings in the city centre.

The spectacular view has attracted many photographers (hopefully, lomographers too!).

My friend and I were simply immersed in the amazing view. In those few hours, we saw how the color of the ocean and the sky changes.

The setting sun:

Pink sky during sunset:

The magic hour:

It is definitely one of the best places in Hong Kong to admire the beautiful sunset. You will also be amazed that by just turning around the corner, you will find such a view.

How to get to the beach of Wu Kai Sha:
Take the MTR to Ma On Shan Station, walk towards Villa Ocenia & Villa Athena.
You will see the waterfront and the beach of Wu Kai Sha.

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