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Meet shah_zurain, a big guy with a big heart for Lomography! He owns quite a number of cameras, including, a Holga 120 CFN, Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, Lomography Fisheye No. 2, Lomography Sprocket Rocket, and Fuji Instax Mini!

Credits: cutebun & shah_zurain

I met shah_zurain for the first time on a Lomohunter outing this year, on the 31st of May! He was wearing a t-shirt which said “The 10 Rules for Lomography” which is pretty awesome! We were strangers, but soon, we got to know each other. We met again on the second outing where we gathered with other Lomohunter members to produce a lomomatrix!

The outing was pretty fun, with me snapping everyone’s random expressions; you can see from the photo above with half his face.

He took a photo of me too!

Credits: shah_zurain

I love his vignette shots like these:

Credits: shah_zurain

During our outing, he kept on shying away from camera! He did something that caught my attention: the way he changes film in his bag. It’s cute when he takes out everything from his bag, then puts his camera into the bag and starts changing the film from inside the bag without looking.

When I finished my first roll that day and loaded my second roll, I forgot to take my lens cap off and started to snap and advance the film. He helped me to roll back the film and put the film right back into my Diana Mini. Really grateful for his help as my film was not wasted.

During the outing, we did a “Diana Mini” scream and started shooting each other. It was fun to capture everyone’s shock and funny expressions! On our second outing, we sat just next to each other on the lomomatrix circle on a hot sunny day. It was pretty fun to shoot while talking in between shots.

He taught me that although expensive cameras can yield pretty effects, cheap film cameras like his Vivitar UWS camera can produce beautiful photos too!

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  1. shah_zurain
    shah_zurain ·

    wah!!im famous now!!the whole world can know me!! hahahahaha!! :D

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    @shah_zurain So when you wanna write one for me? =P

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