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One of the most creative guys in our community, dogma, comes from the land which people used to call Lithuania. He is a passionate lomographer and analogue things lover. While taking pictures, the most important thing for him is composition, so he always prefers quality instead quantity. Read more about his Lomographic vision after the break.

Credits: dogma

Name: Andrius Mickus
Occupation: website creator, designer and administrator – all three rolled into one!
Location: Marijampolė, Lithuania

How long have you been a Lomographer?

I discovered lomography in the beginning of 2008, so i’m almost 4 years old as a lomographer. Strange but I feel older. :)

How did you get into Lomography?

My first touch with lomography was, when I received a Lomogaphy Fisheye No. 2 camera as a gift for my birthday. I’m gone be honest, at first I was very sceptic. “A film camera in a digital age? C’mon people what’s wrong with you?” Time was passing by and Fisheye No. 2 camera was collecting dust on my shelf. Couple months later I managed my self to buy a film and try it out. I think I still remember that amazing feeling when I saw my first results. I liked and I wanted more and more. So I dived in this amazing analogue photography world.

What Lomography cameras do you use and which is your favourite?

Well that’s a hard question. It would be better to ask which is not my favourite :) I use Fisheye No. 2, Fisheye, Diana F+, Diana Mini, Holga 120 CFN, Holga WPC, Supersampler, Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360, Horizon Perfekt, LC-A+ and my last purchase, La Sardina Marathon (I just love its design).

Speaking about favourite cameras: If I travel I never do it without Horizon Perfect, LC-A and Lubitel 166U and at the moment my favourites daily used cameras are: Diana F+ with splitzer and surprising HOLGA WPC.

What inspires you when you shoot?

I am looking for the inspiration everywhere: in my friends lomo homes, in the old poster at the bus station, in my motorcycle engine, in the commercial on my favourite TV show, life is such a beautiful thing and there are lot of inspiration subjects, all we need to do is to keep our eyes wide open.

What is your favourite subject to shoot?

I love to shoot people. I love natural emotions and I always try to fix it in my photos.

Credits: dogma

How would you describe ‘analogue lifestyle’?

Analogue lifestyle is when you toil with vinyl + old turntable and enjoy it rather than listening for mp3 player, it’s when you choose crackly bicycle instead of seagway, because it makes more fun, It’s when you choose a real guitar with one string, because you can feel it, rather than playing on iPad virtual guitar.

Have you had any unusual experiences while shooting?

At the moment I can remember only bad things :) They always happens when you don’t expect them . During my trip to Italy shutter in one of my camera become sticky, I saw it, I hate it, but I could not do anything, so kept on shooting and thought it’s gone be waist of film, but when I saw developed film, results where awsame. After that trip I even wrote a tipster: Sticky shutter = Nice results! The bad thing with analogue cameras is that they can break any time, but the good thing is that even broken they can produce amazing, unexpected results.

Do you have a favourite photo of yours? Why is it your favourite photo?

One of my favourite photos is this one 233685. By accident I find out that it’s possible to produce a star light filter at home. I was working hard and had a lot of bad attempts, till I made a good one. This picture was my first one with the final star light filter and it reminds me that honest work can give beautiful results.

If you could shoot one person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

That would be a legendary singer, songwriter, actor and author Johnny Cash. He has released incredible amount of amazing songs in 96 albums and 153 singles. His songs texts are so true and great and they are one of my inspiration subjects.

What tips can you give other Lomographers?

Be creative and always try to see what others can’t see. If you will learn that, your pictures will be unique and fantastic.

Credits: dogma

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    Hey guys :) many many thanks for so many likes and comments. I'm really glad that i'm part of this super friendly, creative community. Lomo on my friends!

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