Lomography India Nostagia : Film & Ink Rumble


Nostalgia is one of the reasons why we all stick to film. One of the things which is always connected with that is handwritten postcards. And that’s why we’re bringing you a brand new contest, Nostagia : Film & Ink Rumble.

Picture by ftwentytwo

One thing that connects us all is letters. Our forefathers have written letters and so have we. But somewhere in this world of technology, we’ve forgotten to write like we used to — with real ink and postcards. But Lomography is bringing back film & ink in a exciting new rumble.

Picture by spoeker

So what’s the rumble about? And what do you need to do? Here it is. Send in 5 of your best pictures and comment on why do you love shooting in film. We’ll select the best 20 pictures from the submissions and all those 20 participants will get a batch of 20 postcards with those 20 pictures that will be selected.

Picture by abhoan

So send in your pictures and get postcards to send to your friends, family and other Lomographers!

So the summary once again :

  • Submit your best 5 pictures
  • Comment on the rumble: why you love shooting on film
  • Winners get a batch of 20 empty picture postcards to send to their friends, family and other Lomographers.
Picture by ftwentytwo

Like any call for submission, Lomography asks for just a few things:

  • Sort through your photos and pick the best ones thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  • Film/Camera Type: any kind of film / analogue camera can be used but standard 35mm format is preferred. (nothing should be digitally enhanced or manipulated.)
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: submissions must be at least 1220px in either width or height, larger dimensions are welcome since we will need high resolution images to print them on postcards.
  • No visible borders or watermarks, etc.
  • Upload limit : 5 pictures per Lomographer

Good Luck!

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  1. tb
    tb ·

    i love shooting on film and if i don't, i better be dead

  2. feelux
    feelux ·

    With film, there's the excitement of waiting for your film to develop. And by shooting in film, there are endless possibilities!

  3. twizzer88
    twizzer88 ·

    I love shooting in film, because of the unplanned surprises you can't ever achieve with digital.

  4. jaydeepee
    jaydeepee ·

    Not knowing what is coming out after pressing that shutter is what makes it exciting.
    Besides, the pictures always turn out lovely, 'mistakes' are always embraced.
    That's why i love it!

  5. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    I love shooting on film because it's so much more flattering and sexy than boring old digital.

  6. magali
    magali ·

    I like shooting with film because it is real. I see it, I feel it, I load & rewind it myself. Also because it is beautifully imperfect, just like me & the people in my life... it can be a hassel to deal with sometimes but nothing brings me great joy or pleasure.

  7. badjuju
    badjuju ·

    I love shooting with film because your negatives and cameras can never crash or leave you. Computers, lovers, family and friends come and go, but lomo is forever.

  8. brendamanthe
    brendamanthe ·

    I love shooting with film because it's like meeting an old friend for coffee. I used to shoot film as a young child, switched to digital and am now back to film!

  9. juanblythe
    juanblythe ·

    Films gave us an unpredictable moment of truth in life. We expect the unexpected. In rainy days, we received disappointments and in good days, we got our surprises from the pictures. And everyday, we learnt and grew with it.

  10. mgeorgiavaldes
    mgeorgiavaldes ·

    i love shooting film for the unpredictable and beautiful shots you just can't achieve using a digital. Some digital photographers take hours at a time making there pictures look more analogue. I also like the versatility you can aquire when practicing different techniques using film.

  11. anird
    anird ·

    I love shooting with film because it allows me to make beautiful pieces of art. I love the anticipation that is derived from waiting for the photolab to develop my roll of film. I love the fact that I might make mistakes but the final result might still be better than was intended. And I also love the joy that i get from flipping the pages of my photoalbum and knowing that it was me who created them.

  12. kostas
    kostas ·

    i love shooting since i was young boy.now that i grew up,i understood how peacefull,chilli and how hominoid is the film and analogue lifestyle generally.lomo love.;)))))))

  13. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·

    Because of the emotion that I feel as I get my developed film in the lab. It´s the same that I feel when I arrived home and find a postcard from any place in the world in my mailbox. I love postcrossing too.

  14. lomiga
    lomiga ·

    Film is unique and pure fun- I can touch it, smell it and even outward it to get crazier results! It teases out the purest of my feelings: natural happines, enjoyment like a child, satisfaction and confidence that everything gonna be alright...

  15. bryony
    bryony ·

    I love shooting film because I feel it gives you a better connection to the photograph than digital, as it takes longer to shoot the photo, you think about it more and take less, so the end result is that much more appreciated!

  16. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I love shooting film because shooting with my analogue cameras became my basic needs so because of that I'm happily to fulfill it. If it feels good,do it. If shooting film feels good, Don't think just shoot!

  17. eschell
    eschell ·

    Shooting in film is always awesome and thrilling because you never know how your photos are going to come out. I get excited when I head to the photo pick up line after my rolls of film get developed. It's like Christmas when the photos are unveiled.

  18. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    because digital sucks

  19. joyceyjoyce
    joyceyjoyce ·

    shooting on film can lead to the release of so many feelings. an image can make us feel nostalgic, it can trigger a memory from our past, our childhood and make us yearn for times long gone. i love how my lomo can let me experience this......

  20. francescaungolo
    francescaungolo ·

    because people, places, skies remain alive.

  21. pablo_keaton
    pablo_keaton ·

    I love shooting on film because it has its tricks, like all of us!

  22. cfib
    cfib ·

    i love shooting film because you can touch it, because the process of a scene becoming a photo is easier to grasp (because you can develop it yourself), because you only have one opportunity to take "the one shot" (and you don't want to waste film ;)), because it leaves you with so many options, so much to explore and to experiment...

  23. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    The reason I love shooting film is because of the endless possibilities there are! Starting with different cameras, the lenses, the huge variety of films and different processes. There's also different ways to print them, different masks you can add, lab rat experiments with film and just the simple fact that you are doing all of it yourself! Film trumps digital any day!

  24. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I love shooting with film as much as I love searching the film

  25. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    I've taken photos before. But never have I had the urge to take photos; like I do with film. Film is becoming a way for me to express myself in an artistic and technical way. Film is: art, technique, science, math, and freeing, but can still be a challenge.

  26. trashpilotin
    trashpilotin ·

    I love shooting on film because it captures the moment so much better. It doesn't matter if the picture is that sharp or perfect, it's the feeling of the moment that you can conserve!

  27. corporalvega
    corporalvega ·

    I enjoy shooting with film because of the unpredictable properties that it has. Every time i go to pick up a roll that i sent off, its like christmas morning for a young boy unwrapping his presents. Film always catches the moment with emotion, and is perfect in its imperfection. Additionally, the limited quantity of each roll encourages me to be more careful about what i take pictures of and to put more time and effort into the shot. Analogue forever<3

  28. allswelll
    allswelll ·

    I love shooting film because I can look at my photos and say "I did that. Not my computer."

  29. danicat2000
    danicat2000 ·

    I love shooting with film because digital cameras force you to take photos of what is there but double exposures, holga lenses, and crossed processed slide film let's me take photos of what is not there. I also love about analogue is that the images are more honest because what I post is straight out of my camera--no need to photoshop. My flm camera lets me take the edgy, modern, retro images I can't get with my digital camera.

  30. jojo88
    jojo88 ·

    I love shooting film because it makes feel like a kid again, like those disposable cameras I used so much.

  31. mrsweirdyetcool
    mrsweirdyetcool ·

    I love shooting film because it takes a leap of faith, and because it provoques all kind of emotions from the excitement of the waiting, the euforia of the great success, the surprise of the unexpected and the disappointment of the failed experiment.

  32. hansudo
    hansudo ·

    I love the feeling when i get the negatives and hold them in the sun to see what on them. :) I have to grin everytime because it makes me happy to see there is not just some flashed to death super hightech dslr image on some screen i can watch for 1 sec because there are thousands of pics waiting in the line. :>

  33. amedejulie
    amedejulie ·

    I adore shooting on film because that`s really more than just shooting !The first thing is that you aren`t just taking part in some events but the more you feel the moment! It`s so wonderful! Another thing that you can`t see immediately the photos like in digital cameras and that`s why it emphasizes your marvelous feelings while scanning your small masterpieces ! Finally, isn`t that our small beautiful world that full of amazing memories?

  34. viltsu
    viltsu ·

    The thing i looooooooove about shooting with film is the sense of nostalgia it brings to my life :) i love the process of shooting first and then having to wait for your photos to develop. I will learn how to develop my own stuff also, because i want to learn how to manipulate the colours even further. Simply put: Keep It Analogue! :)

  35. jourdanlynch
    jourdanlynch ·

    I love shooting with film as it is almost like chemically capturing the light on a negative so even after the subject you took is long and gone, a little piece of them still remains.
    Unlike digital cameras that store photographs as data there is no real physical connection.

  36. eskimoo
    eskimoo ·

    It'a big part of my life now. I mean everyday I wake up with a new idea about my film. I feel free to experiment with it. Whole picture capturing process of the film lets me do anything. I can use a bunch of different cameras or do one by myself, film will roll anyway. So thats why I love it. And of course you cant forget the feelings of waiting for a result.

  37. fishy
    fishy ·

    i love shooting with film because the pictures gets a totally different look. I love the dreamy look and i the vignetting. And who doesn't like suprises? The best thing is the double exposure! And the mistakes can be a good thing when you are using film. Every time i see my results i learn something new. No need of batteries! All the different kinds if film! All the amazing colors!

  38. fishy
    fishy ·

    i love shooting with film because the pictures gets a totally different look. I love the dreamy look and i the vignetting. And who doesn't like suprises? The best thing is the double exposure! And the mistakes can be a good thing when you are using film. Every time i see my results i learn something new. No need of batteries! All the different kinds if film! All the amazing colors!

  39. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    I love shooting with film because I love the unexpected results, sometimes with funny mistakes and strange light effects!

  40. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·

    i love shooting with film because you capture a moment, after you pulled the trigger there is no way to change it, ther is no reason to regret, ther is no need to think about if it was good or bad, because the the photo is taken.

  41. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    I love shooting film because the pictures are different and it's always a surprise what I get!

  42. jacobsenwithane
    jacobsenwithane ·

    I love shooting with film because it's an adventure. I might try to capture one thing, but capture something totally different. I appreciate every shot I take, because I can't have a do over, making every print so much more personal and dear to me.

  43. sophiesays
    sophiesays ·

    My mother is a professional photographer and having gone through all ages with photography, she is 100% digital and fails to see my fascination. Me, i am only a teenager. I love film photography because it takes me back to a simpler time. With Lomography I get to use the simple [fantastic] cameras with my everyday growing life. The contrast between these worlds is a black and white checkerboard, but has anyone else ever noticed how the black and white fit together like pieces of a puzzle? Film photography and my life are the checker-patterned puzzle.

  44. dylanl
    dylanl ·

    Dear Film,
    I love you because you have taught me more than anyone ever could. You have taught me to embrace my mistakes. You have taught me that you can always get better results using film, than when you use photoshop. I have learned that taking a picture isn't just pressing a button, it's a story, it's an adventure. You never know what will come back from the lab, and the rush of opening that envelope and viewing what you have created is just. Amazing. Film, I love you.
    Love, me.

  45. gm_mcleod
    gm_mcleod ·

    there is a mystery to shooting film: will it turn out? and the mistakes are often the best photos!
    there are so many thing to say but mostly: you can never go wrong when shooting with film!

  46. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    Why I love shooting with film? My first reason is when you used film, you don't know the result yet because there's no preview mode using analogue camera. Another word, expect the unexpected. Meanwhile, shooting with film give me satisfaction and I am never disappointed using it. Then, the effects from the film is neutral and original, don't need to use any photo editor software to give the effects on your photo.

  47. lamp
    lamp ·

    Shooting with film makes you look at the world in a different way. It makes you appreciate every shot you take. Not knowing how your picture will turn out is a thrill. Some of my best shots have been total mistakes and that's what makes me love them. With film, you never know what you're going to get.

  48. samleighton87
    samleighton87 ·

    I love shooting in film because you never know what's going to happen and the end result is always a pleasant surprise!

  49. kleeblatt
    kleeblatt ·

    I love shooting on film because it's so real !

  50. misima
    misima ·

    Ever since I was a little girl I've loved receiving presents - most of all I love the excitement and thrill right before the wrapping paper reveals the present itself. I'm an absolute rooky when it comes to Lomography - but the trill of waiting for my films to be developed brings up the exact same feeling I get when I open a present...

  51. freckleface
    freckleface ·

    I love film, because it brings authenticity back to photography. Every picture I take is art to me. Film makes you think more, plan more, spend more, but also enjoy more, anticipate more, and learn more. There is no limit to what you can create and discover when it comes to film, and that is a very appealing thought to me. :)

  52. renenob
    renenob ·

    With film, there is on separation between life and art; life becomes art!

  53. renenob
    renenob ·

    With film, there is on separation between life and art; life becomes art!

  54. dorkour
    dorkour ·

    Because in the beginning there was film.

  55. kshen
    kshen ·

    Humans are made to appreciate things that are irreplaceable. We neglect and pay less attention to things we can substitute easily. Pictures taken on film cannot be retaken because we see the results days later, but for digital, we can always delete and take again. Hence HUMANS ARE MADE TO LOVE FILM!!

  56. hanibale
    hanibale ·

    When I'll be old, I want to sit near the window, and to hold in my hand paper film photographs..

  57. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    I love film because you have so much room to be creative. you have the ability to merge two thoughts, three images, four people, all in one shot. the wait, anticipation, and nostalgia of film is what keeps me coming back even if it's making me broke.

  58. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    plus, I love film because I fear I will forget a moment in time, a person I met on the streets, a scene I couldn't explain any other way than capturing it with film, it's tangible. ditch the digital grind because one day all your digital photos with get lost in internet space 0__o and then what will you do ?!

  59. nola4ever
    nola4ever ·

    I love shooting film because I love sharing them. I love the look of delight on my friends' faces when they see that I have photo albums in my living room. I'm always surprised at how excited people my age are to flip through actual pages of tangible photographs or help me look through prints I just picked up.
    I also don't have to worry about my hard drive crashing and losing everything because I have my handy dandy binder full of negatives!

  60. wapclub
    wapclub ·

    Shooting with film is like we get back in the past, but we can get beautiful photos like we live in the new world, and also with new good friends, so I love shooting film more and more everyday.

  61. jamielynndespres
    jamielynndespres ·

    The ridiculously exciting anticipation of receiving your processed film, from loading it up to printing and holding your imagery, has not changed since I was 5 years old.

  62. devildi
    devildi ·

    i am an analog-junky.... it´s nostalgia :-)

  63. clickclack
    clickclack ·

    i love shooting on film because i love surprises!

  64. jesperine
    jesperine ·

    There is no other way than loving to shoot film. Seeing the world with open eyes and no matter how often you've been to the same place, there's always a hidden detail you didn't discover before. Just like the pictures always turn out to be different no matter how often you shoot the same thing. And don't forget the rush of adrenalin when trying a new camera or new type of film. Just like when you were kid and allowed to wear those shiny shoes for the first time. And btw: i just love the shocked faces when you go to a supermarket and ask for film... ;)

  65. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    Shooting film echoes how I want life to be - fast, unpredictable, and breathtaking.

  66. albon13
    albon13 ·

    i love shooting films because it reminds me, the true feeling of photography...

  67. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    I love shooting in films because it gives me the thrill of shooting without previewing!

  68. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    I love shooting in films because the outcomes are very unpredictable and unexpectable!

  69. norweegie
    norweegie ·

    I love shooting with film because it slows you down - you have to think about what you are doing and know in your mind that the frame will be perfect as the camera won't give you an instant preview. Developing and printing (or scanning) your negs take skill and is an art form in itself. The end result is more organic than a digital image - it breathes and has soul!

  70. ridwanfals
    ridwanfals ·

    i can't do anything when i use the digital camera,like a bird loose a spirit to fly!
    but if i use analog ...film gave me a imaginations,dream..and i think film is magic..! with film we can meet at internet ,meet a lots people from world wide,have a same hobbies,become a friends, and share about your place...is amazing !! films like a witch with the super power !

  71. smokeandmirrors
    smokeandmirrors ·

    Film is my tutor for this world. It has taught me about Space. Time. Light. Perspective. purpose. Chance. Memory. Distortion. and most of all- our Beauty. I connect to my surroundings with film. People tell me that something is missed when you are behind the lens. The Moment. This is untrue. The last year of my life has been mostly documented with Lomo and I have never felt more in the moment. My eye now is constantly scanning my world for beauty no matter how large or small, joyful or sad. Things once mundane or overlooked to my world, like the way a tree has decided to grow on a hill or the pattern and texture of an old wall, now fascinate me. I used digital photography for years- but something real is lost when you let a computer make all the decisions for you- one need only hold down the shutter and shoot a burst of 40 frames in a few seconds onto a memory card. Because you can take almost unlimited number of pictures this way, you can feel as if it's not even worth taking any. But each shot on film has its own soul and a real physical place on celluloid which cannot be deleted. And a piece of you ends up on that plastic which is true and real and undeniable.

  72. odjur
    odjur ·

    The excitement of seeing your developed film for the first time, or even better, of waiting on a plain white instant photo to become more and more colorfoul, and the excitement of seeing it getting more and more pretty.

  73. missmarion
    missmarion ·

    Thank god there are no IPhone App that can do double exposure yet!

  74. cheeya-ninethousand
    cheeya-ninethousand ·

    The anticipation, artistry, grain, vibrant colors, soft tones, accomplished feeling, the sound of the shutter, winding, the fun little tricks you can do, etc. Also, I can look at a picture that I look last week and it can fit in with images that was taken when I was five. I love that!

  75. paperplanepilot
    paperplanepilot ·

    Why i sjoot film: the beauty, the bursts of color, the dream-like effect and most of all the, emotions that a film photograph evoke; these are things that digital photography try, but can't and never will recreate.

  76. _rebecca
    _rebecca ·

    I love shooting on film because it made me fall in love with photography!

  77. stecha
    stecha ·

    I appreciate every shot I take with film especially Lomo style. It alwasy give me unpredictable surprises.

  78. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    My #1 reason for shooting film is that it feels real. You just don't get the same feeling with shooting digital.

  79. sophia_lo
    sophia_lo ·

    After using film camera, I made me appreciate every photo that taken by any Analogue camera. the great result photos is without editing! Love Film!

  80. sophia_lo
    sophia_lo ·

    After using film camera, I made me appreciate every photo that taken by any Analogue camera. the great result photos is without editing! Love Film!

  81. wedreamalone
    wedreamalone ·

    I love shooting on film because it's dreamy, and I love being able to hold my negatives. I also love grain-it's the best kind of analog food there is!

  82. djdhmikey25
    djdhmikey25 ·

    shooting film is fun and when you pack up the film from the shop. I will be extremely happy to see the photos

  83. jesushp
    jesushp ·

    I love film because it´s the essence of photography. It allows me more possibilities than digital, to be able to play on the type of film, double exposures, and many more. Film photography is truth. Real. Undistorted with external editors. I want to take the picture with the camera and with the film, not with a software program.

  84. colagold
    colagold ·

    I love shooting on film because film is surprise, patience, fun and allows you to learn more about photography than digital methods

  85. raquellogs
    raquellogs ·

    I shooting on film because is very exciting, the analogic life is more peaceful and funny. Lomography give to me a real lifestyle.

  86. pikachumastah
    pikachumastah ·

    I always choose film over digital because it stays. I mean that in a way that it leaves a trace behind - we treasure those photos we made. Every one of them is unique. And it's not artificial or "improved". They are the way they came out. And that's what's so great about it! Mistakes make things more interesting, and films can make a lot of mistakes.

  87. omer-koort
    omer-koort ·

    I love film because of the surprise,the colors, the cameras, The Nostalgia!

  88. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    Just as I prefer CDs and LPs over mp3s, I prefer film over digital. I prefer the physical, something I can hold in my hands, something I can touch.

  89. odio-et-amo
    odio-et-amo ·

    I love shooting on film.

    I love mystery - you never now how the shot will come out. It It tantalises you, hiding away in your camera. Waiting to be found and developed into something beautiful.

    I love tension - I get nervous when I send my film off, waiting for it to come back to me.

    I love connection - with my subject, with the camera. It feels so much more intimate when you shoot on film.

    I love permanence - the preservation of an idea, a moment, a feeling.

    I love community - the global lomography love. the web of friends linked by mutual pursuit.

    I love satisfaction - the weight of the camera in my hand, the deep sound of the shutter, when everything comes together to create art.

  90. amogh
    amogh ·

    ...because film is very forgiving. it has the texture of imagination

  91. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    I love shooting with film because each photo is unique.

  92. raeraekins
    raeraekins ·

    I've only just started, but I find it kind of thrilling. I never know what I'm going to get, and what surprise might be waiting for me.

  93. mayprodrigo
    mayprodrigo ·

    I LOVE shooting on film because I love the challenge that I experience every time I shoot. It's always fun, experimental, interestingly grainy, and all those unwanted texture and inconsistencies just inevitably show up.

  94. littlelurcher
    littlelurcher ·

    I love shooting film because I like surprises!

  95. icomewhenieatcaponata
    icomewhenieatcaponata ·

    i don't remember why..i just love it

  96. carolin
    carolin ·

    The reason for I like shooting in film is not more important than the obsessive romance than I have with photography: The film is my canvas when I'm feeling like a Degas on stage, the witness my love.

  97. killa_ninja
    killa_ninja ·

    i love shooting on film because it is unpredictability!

  98. andtheechoes
    andtheechoes ·

    I shoot with film because I like the surprise of it, the uncertainty and excitement I feel whenever I get another roll developed because I have no idea if my photos came out or not. Each picture, each roll is its own mini adventure.

  99. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·

    film are forever!equal by none!

  100. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    I love film, it's unique, each and every of them, like people, we're all special, and film makes every image created special. FILM IS FOREVER ! :D

  101. paeonia
    paeonia ·

    I love shooting with film because it has a special charm to me.
    I love the grainy structure of the photos, the originality of the colours (which you can vary with filters directly on the camera) and I love the work and prudence behind it.
    Besides, I like to experiment with light leaks or double exposures - these things can not be done equally with digital cameras.

    Additionally, I love not knowing how the pictures I shoot will look like. Waiting for the outcome is similar to opening a suprise bag (lucky bag). :)
    Why I like to shoot with film aswell is because I can hold the photos in my hands.
    I also print digital photos, but it's different with film. You can look at the negatives, reprint them if you want. You dont have to use a computer to get a look at your photos.

  102. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    I love shooting in film because I can participate in rumbles like this! And in my mind it is just better than digital and if I could I would just shoot film all the time, guess I was born 50 years too late..

  103. thealexleong
    thealexleong ·

    I love shooting on film because it's tangible. What can I say? There's nothing that digital has that's close to the experience of being in a darkroom, HOLDING my negatives, smelling the aroma of chemicals, and knowing that here in my hands, I have memories. In a physical form. Call it nostalgia, call it sentimentality. Other people can talk about the different film types, or the unpredictability of film, or all the effects you can get. I love all of that. But for me, the thing I love most is the solidity of it. The picture is real. It exists. It's not 1s and 0s existing on your computer or SD card. It is real.

  104. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    With a camera in hand, I slow down my steps and savor the world around me, finding beauty in impermanence, and honesty in our struggle to grasp at fleeting moments in time.

  105. mynameisrobyn
    mynameisrobyn ·

    I love film because it makes me think more about what I'm shooting. Analogue has made me look more carefully at the world around me, and I love the suspense of not really knowing how the shot will turn out :)

  106. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    I love shooting film. It's exciting, patient, unpredictable, beautiful, abstract, traditional and its my canvas.

  107. rainbow_gumdrops
    rainbow_gumdrops ·

    Film is just everything that is good in the world. The feel of the photos and the smell of the chemicals. The gratification of putting the reels out of the canister and un-twirling the photos that you waited so long to see. Watching it appear in the developer like magic.
    The look and the feel of a film camera is something so iconic. Somehow it feels so warm when you have a cold metal vintage SLR cupped in your hands.
    Apart from that film camera create a look that d digital cannot replicate, naturally at least. Yes people have Photoshop and all those other programs, but I want something natural. What happened to photographer relying on their photos alone rather than a computer program?

  108. 134340
    134340 ·

    Film makes me like "Wow, that's the one i waiting for and falling for" So keep shooting with film for life! :)

  109. motionpicture
    motionpicture ·

    I love watching an instant photo develop
    Film is a wonderful medium for experiments
    Call it lomography and even your crappiest photos have artistic merit ;-)

  110. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    I love shooting film, because i like the different films and the different colors of the results. Every mistake can get a big surprice and a great picture;-)

  111. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    I love shooting film, because i like the different films and the different colors of the results. Every mistake can get a big surprice and a great picture;-)

  112. gibri
    gibri ·

    I love shooting film because the result is always unpredictable

  113. kingnate
    kingnate ·

    I love shooting film because to me it is something real. The images I take remind me of the places I've been, the people I've seen, the things I love. The feeling of release from inside me every time I click the shutter.

  114. nishichauhan
    nishichauhan ·

    I love shooting film because it lets me combine the two loves of my life, colours and dreams.

  115. sahilkarkhanis
    sahilkarkhanis ·

    I love shooting film because it lends mystery and character to my pictures.

  116. dogma
    dogma ·

    I love shooting with film because it makes me discover things that usually you can even imagine that they exist.

  117. flomography
    flomography ·

    I love shooting film because it allows you to make errors that a digital camera doesn't - which usually end up turning out beautifully! I also love the multiple exposures!

  118. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·

    I love shooting with film, because I love to be free. With film I can experiment, I can create art, I can express my feelings, I can experience the unexpected, I find the real beauty in life, I can inspire other human beings, I can capture precious moments, I can be independent, I can be excited to finally develop and recieve my shots. People would now ask theirselves "What does this have to do with freedom?". Well dear mother earth's children, analogue fotography is my freedom. I feel safe in it, while practising it, while thinking of it, while dreaming of it. Everybody has his or her own way to feel free, and the analogue way is my way. Imagine the flavour of freedom, people. Imagine it!

  119. lucide
    lucide ·

    I love film because it is so unpredictable en therefore much more exciting. I love it when i waited a few days or even more then a week to pick up my pictures from the photo store. When I open the envelope there is always the feeling of wonder how they turned out.
    What I also love is that shooting film, and with my lomo camera's in particular, connects me with people. There are always people who are curious and ask you about your camera (Most of you guys probably also heard the; " is it a real camera?" a lot, haha.). It is a conversation starter, which can be great for a somewhat shy person like me.
    And of course: multiple exposures are the shit!

  120. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    I love shooting on film because is still a challenge in a world which everything is becoming too easy...

  121. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    I love shooting film because it makes me happy, because it gives me a sense of excitement that only a few things in life can compare to. I love shooting film because fills my heart. I love shooting film because every time I press the shutter I know the photograph I've just taken will be completely unique. I love shooting film because as soon as I'm done taking a picture I love the feeling of the advance lever against my thumb, specially the sound it makes. I love shooting film because I can experiment. I love shooting film because it makes me free. I love shooting film because it completes me. I love shooting film, because film has been and always will be, the heart of photography, just as love is the heart of life.

  122. glenn
    glenn ·

    Film is a fantastic feature of my favourite photography !

  123. fabo
    fabo ·

    I love shooting on film, because it is very special for me to wait for pictures. You get a result, which you can't expect before. Every progresses film i get is a little christmas for me. 36 gifts made by myself

  124. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    I shoot film because I have to, nothing else gives that same gut feeling, that pull of the heart strings, the expectation and the longing for the result. The emotional engagement is the key to film the layering not just of the emulsions but the emotions.

  125. annaesss
    annaesss ·

    i love shooting film because its more exciting!!!

  126. carolinep008
    carolinep008 ·

    I love shooting in film because it's just... real. Nothing is digitally manipulated and when you are looking a film photo, everything you see is made by real and physical manipulation. Whether it is cross processed, been stuck in your dishwasher or microwave, or even simply double exposed, the beauty of the photo goes much deeper than just changing something on a computer. It has real beauty.

  127. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I love to shoot on film for all the happy accidents. I love going to collect my shots from the lab and not knowing what will be on the roll of film.

  128. amelia37blue
    amelia37blue ·

    In the age of instant gratification, it's nice to have something worth working and waiting for.

  129. elletra
    elletra ·

    I love shooting with film because I'm addicted to the anticipation, waiting to see how my shots came out. I love the surprise and feeling of accomplishment, when you get that one phenomenal photo that you didn't even know you took :D

  130. thewallflower
    thewallflower ·

    I love shooting film because what you shot is what you get. Your are capturing a moment and hopefully, as long as you aren't completely off in your settings, that is what the photograph represents.

  131. anushreegavas
    anushreegavas ·

    I love shooting film cause I can feel it in my hands. I associate film with my father and how he use to be excited to get a roll of film n we all use to sit around n look at pictures. You never know what pictures you ll get...sometimes it is a surprise. For me being a newbie with films...its always the surprise that gets me.

  132. lostintransit
    lostintransit ·

    at this point in my life, living in today's fast paced world where one day bleeds into another and we live from one deadline to the next, shooting with film takes me back to my childhood, where even an hours wait felt like an eternity and the end result was usually worth it.

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