The Clothing Warehouse: My Favorite Shopping Destination

On the main drag of my college town, there is a wonderful vintage clothing store called The Clothing Warehouse. If you like vintage clothes or are in the mood to find something to make you laugh, The Clothing Warehouse is the place to go.

I met the manager at a party last year, and he told me to check out his new store that had opened right on the main drag of town, Franklin Street. I was impressed that they had been able to secure such a good location, which is a convenient walk from campus, or any other part of downtown Chapel Hill. They have other locations in Greenville, SC; Atlanta and Savannah, GA; Jacksonville, FL; and New York City, NY, which all operate around a warehouse that they have in Atlanta. At the warehouse, they collect articles of vintage clothing, often with recognizable but hard-to-find brands, and send them to their stores. This more or less ensures there will be something in the store that you recognize. They have endless rows of shirts, dresses, jeans, pants, jackets, hats, sunglasses, and some other odd accessories. If you like the fun of the thrift store hunt, but can’t stand the disappointment, the hand-picked selections at The Clothing Warehouse are a perfect fit!


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