Macy's: Shopping Heaven in New York City

Macy’s Department Store has its flagship shop in the heart of New York City on W 34th Street. It takes up an entire block and fills many levels. You could easily get lost in here for an entire day – and my family and I did!

Credits: kneehigh85

I thought that coming from a place as built up as the UK, with our huge shopping centres and department stores, nothing overseas could surprise me. Then I encountered Macy’s on my recent trip to New York City. It is inconceivably large and I couldn’t believe it when the tour guide told us that it took up a block. From the outside, the building itself is not hugely spectacular, especially not compared to the magnificent Empire State, which it stands in the shadow of. I do love the signage outside. However, some of it has a particularly retro and all-American feel to it, which I enjoyed photographing each and every time we passed.

Credits: kneehigh85

The inside is obviously immense. My favourite area by a long way was the ground floor where you can find for sale perfume, cosmetics, bags, purses, and a small bit of ladies fashion. This was a great floor for a bit of slide film and posing.

Credits: kneehigh85

If you are in the Big Apple and you have money to burn, then you must get yourself over to Macy’s to spend some time and some dollars.

Top tip: If you take an international passport to the customer service counter then they give you a tax exemption card so you can buy your goods tax free.

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