The Museum of Genocide Victims (Vilnius)

This is one of the most interesting museums in Vilnius. It is so unique and breathtaking that I visited it about 4 times and I will go there more and more.

It is located in the center of Vilnius. To be exact in Gediminas avenue this is the main street of Vilnius. Museum is established in the old KGB (Soviet secret agency) building. This building was the most horrible place to all Lithuanian people during the 50 years of Soviet occupation.

There is very interesting exhibition which tells about the Genocide in Lithuania. You can find there a lot of shocking photos and secret documents. It is very breathtaking to watch old videos from these old days.

The most interesting and creepy place is the basement. The basement was KGB jail. There are a lot of cells where prisoners were investigated and…killed….You can go into the cells and feel the atmosphere of brutal Soviet regime. It is hard to tell about that feeling you must feel it by yourself.

written by mantozauras on 2009-02-24 #places #building #location #vilnius #exhibition

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