Always Analogue: Dayanita Singh

As one of the leading documentary photographers in India, Dayanita Singh’s word is not only silently poetic but also moving and self defining. Here, we introduce you to her work and we’ll also tell you a little bit about her life.

Image via Hindu

Dayanita Singh is an Indian photographer who lives and works in New Delhi and now is also partly based in Goa. She is known for her portraits of India’s urban middle and upper class families.

Most of her work is in black-and-white, though of late she has also delved into colour. In the 1980’s, she worked as a photo journalist on assignments for international magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, before switching to documentary-style and portrait photography.

Over the years, she has published several books, including Myself Mona Ahmed (2001) and Go Away Closer (2007). She has also had exhibits at galleries in Rome, New York, Berlin, London, Milan and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Many of her works, are now part of the collection of National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. She received the 2008 Prince Claus Award. and the 2008 Gardner Photography Fellowship, given by Peabody Museum at Harvard.

First photo: Gallery Exhibition Image Via; Second photo from Dayanita Singh’s I am as I am series, 1999; Third photo from Dayanita Singh’s book: Go Away Closer, 2006; Fourth photo from Dayanita Singh’s book: Dream Villa, 2007; Fifth and sixth photos from rom Dayanita Singh’s latest book: The House Of Love, 2011

Dayanita works completely in film, most of the time using her Hasselblad. You can read more about her on her website.

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